Mera peak May 2013

Hey I’m looking for partners to climb the Mera peak or another 6000 peak in the region.
I would love you to join me on this adventure

Hi Niv,

What dates are you thinking? and are you in Nepal at the moment? I’m in Kathmandu organising stuff now and would like to do Mera and a couple of others too. I’m thinking in a couple of weeksish for Mera then a bit later for others but am fairly flexible as I have two months or so in Nepal. I have all the gear and a reasonable amount of experience so don’t want to pay for a big expedition when I can hike in and do it myself for a lot cheaper.


Thanks Grant for the reply,
Unfortunately I was injured and had surgery in my knee a few weeks ago.
I won’t be able to arrive to Nepal this season, I hope getting there in the future.

Thanks and enjoy you trip,



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  1. Hi, we’re hoping to do Mera Peak in Oct/Nov
    Would you be interested?