Mera peak & Island peak via Amphu Labtsa pass

Hi fellow trekkers,

My Itinerary

Phase 1 # 12 October: Kathmandu to Jiri
Phase 2 # 13 Oct to 17 Oct: Jiri to Lukla
Phase 3 # 18 Oct to 23 Oct: Lukla to Khare
Phase 4 # 24 Oct to 3 Nov: Mera peak, Amphu Labtsa pass and Island peak
Phase 5 # 4 Nov to 11 Nov: EBC, Gokyo Ri, Lukla
Phase 6 # 12 Nov: Lukla to Kathmandu

I am planning to do an Independent trip except for the fourth phase of my trip. For phase four, I have hired a guide for peak summit and for the pass. Guide agrees to provide all the necessary climbing gears and camping stuffs (except food) needed for this part of the trip. He is a three time Everest summiteer and very pro at his job. But the problem is; being pro his guiding fees is a bit high. So, I’m looking for a partner (1 or 2) to join with and share the guide charge. Anyone interested please message me, we don’t have much time.




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