Mera Peak in late Nov/Dec

Hi everyone.

I did AC over the summer and met trekking partners through this site and it turned out brilliantly. So thought I might give this another go.

This time I am returning to nepal to climb Mera peak. I am rather flexible to add on d tours around the climb. but since its my second trip to nepal this year I am kind of thinking of doing it on a reasonable price and not pay the ridiculous prices western companies charge. I am hoping to plan the expedition myself with local guide/porter.

Now I have a few questions for anyone who has climbed mera before or willing to and tell me if I am completely living in la la land.

so far for a team of min. two climbers plus a guide and two porters from lukla-lukla would cost us 1200 each incld, permits, tea house meals and board, rental of climbing equipment. does that seem reasonable?

This is not my first expedition planning, I have done something similar in the andes a few years ago. so aware of the logistics. I am not a crazy adrenaline junkie, and not fit like one either. but i have some 5500m+ exp and if i loose some of the holiday weight by nov this trip should be wonderful. Anyone interested, do contact me and we can get the ball rolling. cheers nad



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  1. Hey

    I was originally planning to do Mera peak but was advised that its too cold in late November/ December. I could only reach Nepal in late November, so I gave up on the Mera peak plan for this trip. I am now planning on going on the Manaslu trek (reaching KTM on 19 Nov)

    Enjoy your trip! Cheers