Mera Peak Climb

Hi, I am planning to do Mera Peak Expedition early next year in 2015. This year successfully completed Annapurna Base Camp trek so now trying something little bigger. At the moment I am solo traveler but would like to know if anyone else would be interested for next year for Mera Peak (I am also open with other suggestions). I would go with an organizer and initial price per person is 1600 USD but can be negotiated a bit. We can also discuss itinerary in detail later on.



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  1. Hi,
    I did Annapurna base camp last March. I want to do ebc next March. If you are interested please send me details.

  2. can you suggest me possible itinerary and important-to-know information about the ABC trek? i am looking forward to do the same in mar/apr next year

  3. hi would like to join the group. been once few years ago EBS would like to do it again some where in Nepal.