Mera Peak and Three Pass Trek.

Hi all, I am intrending to spend 6 weeks in Nepal from the end of oct to the beginning of dec,and hope to do the Three Passes Trek with ideally Mera Peak or Island Peak thrown into the mix.I am looking for people who may be interested in forming a little group just to do the Trekking Peak which from my understanding should take 2- 4 days.Self-Organising a little group would be a far cheaper way to do this than going with a trekking agency.Anyone up for it?( did EBC trek last oct).



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  1. Are you flexible with dates?

  2. Hi i want to do EBC and Island peak? May be we can work out something together?

  3. Hi David, I’m in Kathmandu now, and I’ll be here at least until late November. I’d definitely be interested in joining a Mera/Island Peak trip. Give me a shout, and let me know what you’re thinking!

    • Hi Stephan,
      I dont know if you received my email,but I will be doing Mera Peak on the 17 th nov.It would cost about 950 us dollars.If you are interested give me a shout.Dave.

  4. Hi David,

    I’m in Nepal from next week on and want to do a trek in the everest region including a peak just like you described. Do you already have any new plans or detais?


    • Hi Jorg,I am heading out to Nepal on the 25 oct from England and will be flying to Lukla on the 29 th oct to do the Three Passes trek,then when i get back to Lukla on about the 17 th nov I have hired a climbing guide and we are going to do Mera Peak over about 12 days.At the moment I am doing this by myself but I did enquire how much it would cost for a second person to come along for the Mera Peak climb,and the trekking agency quoted me about 950 us dollars for the second person.If you are still around in late November and are interested do get in touch.Dave

  5. Hello David,
    I’ll be in Nepal Oct.16- Dec.15 alone and will need a partner to climb Mera and other peaks. Hope to hear from you