Mera Peak, Amphu Laptsa Pass, Island Peak

Hi I’m planning on trekking from Jiri to Mera Peak, the Pass, Island Peak, then back down to Lukla. I will do most of trek alone but want to meet climbing Sherpa/guide (either alone or part of group) from maybe Khare through to base camp of Island Peak. I have most of required gear – harness etc and happy to pick up rest in Kathmandu before I leave in a couple of days (eg ice axe/tent) just holding off pending whether I end up joining group and don’t need. Please contact me if you think you can help. I think I will arrive at Khare on around 10 May. Ps ignore budget will pay going rate. thanks!



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  1. I just completed EBC (April 26) and was going to do Island Peak but have to drop that due to AMS. I have Dawa Delzen Sherpa as my guide who has summited Everest 6th time. He has a very reasonable rate. If you are still looking for a guide, please WhatsApp me at +1-253-508-2455.

    • I am planning to do the Mera Peak shortly (leaving KTM 02MAY). Do you think Dawa Delzen Sherpa is available? Where does he live? Best regards Erik

  2. Hi Renee,

    Dawa is from Chaurikhaka where most Sherpas guide are from. It is 30 mins away by trek from Lukla. When do you plan to leave for the trek to Mera Peak? I can give him a call to find out. He is currently making his way down from island peak.