Mera Peak

Currently this plan is still in its infant stages, but wanting to put this out there to find potential partners and/or guide.

I am planning on climbing Mera Peak (after summitting Island Peak) early May. I’ll start with trekking the 3 passes to acclimatise, after which I plan to climb Island Peak. This will be without porters and only a guide for Island Peak (I’ve done EBC/Kongma LA in 2015, and been to Island Peak Base Camp during that trek). Looking to do Mera Peak and organise a guide from as close to its base camp as possible. I am looking to do this on a budget. Sharing the permit and guide amongst others will help towards this but finding one or multiple partners in crime with similar interests would make the experience a whole lot more memorable too. I have no gender preference.

About me: I am 30 year old male, working in the film industry. Looking to start mountaineering in the Himalaya’s. Avid hiker, but relatively unexperienced on mountaineering. Love to film, photograph and document the whole experience as best as I can. Originally from the Netherlands but currently living in Sydney.



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  1. Hoi Rick,

    ik heb er ook wel oren naar om Mera en/of Island Peak te doen. Ik ben vanaf begin april in Nepal. Eerst ben ik van plan om de Manaslu Trek te doen. Daarna dus een paar topjes. Ik ben van plan om in KTM zelf een gids te regelen, het liefst één die al in het basiskamp is, zodat de trek ernaartoe op eigen gelegenheid kan. Ben benieuwd of jouw plannen nog staan?

    groet Sander

  2. Hi guys, ik ben twee maanden in Nepal (april/mei) en heb ook de Mera Peak op mijn shortlist staan.. Ben een sportieve jonge (31,5 🙂 meid en bergwandelen typeert mijn zomervakanties sinds mijn jeugd. Een paar jaar geleden een C1-cursus gedaan en naast de Jebel Toubkal en Zugspitze geen top-(/klim)ervaring. Liefst doe ik geen al te toeristische trek, vandaar dat ik op zoek ben naar iets meer uitdaging. Uiteraard heb ik nog wel stiekem wat twijfels bij de Mera..
    Mijn idee was eigenlijk wel om al wat vroeger te gaan dan pas in mei, maar omdat ik wél geïnteresseerd ben, graag met een groepje ga en omdat wellicht 5 mei niet ‘vaststaat’: een berichtje van mijn kant!


  3. Hey guys! Awesome to see some interest. Apologies for the delayed reply, I am currently traveling Myanmar, but about to go home and be around consistent internet.

    I see I forgot to mention that for Mera peak I was also looking of booking a guide just for summit day. I think costs of a permit are around 300/350 usd for up to 3 people, and a guide something similar.

    So Sander, you would potentially also be interested in hitting Island peak before crossing over to Mera and do that peak as well?

    And Carmen, what are you doubts about Mera? I’ll have to double check my dates when I get back home, but I think I arrive in KTM around the 15th of April and fly out around the 20th of May. Ill have a look how quickly I could do the 3 passes trek before arriving at Mera. Maybe it could be sooner, but I have an inkling that I would take me until the start of May to do it.

    • Hoi Carmen & Rick,

      ik denk dat de Manaslu Trek rond de tijd (15 februari…ish) dat Rick in Kathmandu is wel afgerond is. Misschien is het een idee om in KTM af te spreken en daar ter plekke een gids voor Mera en/of Island Peak te regelen?


  4. Rick! I am thrilled to read about your trip itinerary, I’m looking for a very similar experience and partners to share the expenses and adventures with.

    I am currently in Nepal and will be working until around mid April. After that I’m planning to climb a peak or two on a shoestring budget (spend as little as possible). I like your route and the idea of hiring guides for summit day only.

    I’d be interested to join you for both Island Peak and Mera Peak if you’re still looking for partners, also can help with organization of the logistics if need be.

    I am an avid hiker, having spent the last year experimenting in solo back country experience in the Canadian rockies and in parts of Northern India as well. Have basic mountaineering and climbing experience at lower altitudes and have trekked through high altitude zones, so now seems like a good time to put the two together.

    I’ll look forward to chatting with you further! You can get in touch on here or feel free to reach me by mobile: +977 9813258275

    • Hi guys!

      I am also considering to make a go at Mera Peak in May. I live in Kathmandu and will stay here until June.

      I tried to summit Mera Peak March last year, without making it. We very unlucky in many ways. We experienced a heavy storm and temperatures down to -25. One of the porters fell 50-60 meters into a cravass close to High Camp and got seriously injured. We lost vital equipment and all the food in the incident.

      I think you need to have a summit guide for 3 days. First from Khare (4900) to Base Camp (5300), then from Base Camp to High Camp (5800) and one night in case the weather is bad.

      I believe the best is to rent some of the equipment in Khare (like ropes, ice axe, harness, crampons) and maybe tent, cooking gear and climbing boots.

  5. Hey guys I’m keen aswell for mera and island also have climbing and basic mountaineering experience when were you thinking of starting ?

  6. Hi Rick, I am looking for trekking partner for island Peak and I am totally interested in climbing Mera Peak as well! I am also currently traveling in Myanmar and will fly to Nepal after, please count me in and I would help to get some contacts for guides as well:) Thanks!

  7. Hi Rick,

    I’m definitely interested mate! Like you, I have a lot of hiking experience, not a lot of mountaineering….

    However, I’m not sure our dates will coincide. I fly into Kathmandu on the 29th of May.

    So….. If your plans somehow get pushed back a bit, let me know. I too am keen to meet up and go adventuring with fun, like-minded-and-spirited people! 🙂


  8. Guys, I have been real slack and absent lately due to some changes at work. Basically this means I can’t take as much time off and do the trip I wanted to do. I am now looking at just focussing on Mera Peak starting from Lukla on the 16th of April and i’ll be on a pretty ambitious schedule to do it fast. If anyone is around during that time, stay in touch, but otherwise I would suggest talking to the others in this thread and set something up.

    Again, apologies for the lack of communication from my end, I am pretty bummed not being able to get to do the good version of this trip.​

  9. Hi guys,

    I just finished the manaslu trek and this week I’m in KTM to organize a trip to Mera Peak. I want to do this as fast as possible, hoping to depart next week. If any of you guys want to join, let me hear. Greetz