Mera Peak


My plan is to go from Lukla to Khare without a guide and a tent then meet with the sherpa guide in Khare (that s ~6 days, not decided yet ). From Khare we ll go to Mera Central (2 days) and back to Khare. Then we ll go to join in the Makalu then Everest base camp trek through the Amphu Lapsa pass. The Sherpa will accompany us until the other side of Amphu Lapsa until Churdunk, where we will find guest houses back to Lukla. (3 days to Chunduk) ( ~6 days back to Lukla). Add one or two rest days or acclimatisation days, let us count 20 days for the whole of it.

I wont describe the difficulties or sight seeings, if you want to go to Mera peak you know them already…Well I go with fixed ropes both on Mera peak and Amphu Lapsa.

To obtain the total price you should take into account:
Alone I pay 1755$ for the 5 days of expedition including gear down to the last glove. Being only 2 people we could already cut down the price at least 300$ maybe more.
A certain price for food and accommodation on the way to Khare and from Chunduk (350$)
Flight 300$

As things go, I am looking for 1-2-3 partners. If you d like to join only for a part of it, let me know.

I am a man, 33, swiss, I love mountains and outdoors, I am a member of the swiss alpine club (section Gruyère).

My mobile number in Nepal is 9803060176, my whatsapp number is 0041774284366.

I look forward to hearing from you and meeting you.



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