Mera Peak

Hi Guys! On March 19th 2016, I will be making my way to Mera Peak. If you’re wondering about the altitude, I’m making it to 6476 meters. Why am I doing this? To help our fellow human beings – some whom I know and others that I don’t know. This will be a big challenge for me to summit the Peak with ice beneath my feet as I have never hiked above 2000 meters. However, I’m doing this with only one objective in mind – to raise funds to help our friends in Nepal. #DavidsonDoItDoIt.

As many of you know, I was in Nepal after the disastrous earthquake to build the school. The quake has left them with no choice but to live in damaged homes or temporary shelters. I gave these brave friends my promise to return in 2016 to rebuild the city and here I am. #WeAreBack.

Kindly note that this hiking trip is entirely funded by me. All funds will be going to rebuilding Nepal. Yes, 100 percent of it! It does not matter whether we know them personally or not, every helping counts – big or small. Please support me by saving Nepal; please save Nepal by supporting me. #EveryHelpingCounts.

Together, we stand united. We may not be able to rebuild the city in a day, or even a year. But, one day, we will. Until then, I implore you to join me to support this fundraiser initiative. Please contact me for more information. I will send you the Rebuild_Nepal_Project Proposal and update you the progress of the Project from time to time. Many thanks! #BetterFuture.

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