Mera Peak

Hello Everyone < Namaste from Nepal My name is Gam bahadur Rai , I am, Trekking and Mountain Guide in Nepal I am heading to Mera peak trek with summit in Spring. I already have one clients
but we are looking for some more friend to sharing the cost of peak climbinh permit if any one interested you can join for the same Thank you

Day Day/ Date Destination
Day1: On Saturday 27th March 2021 Arrive in Kathmandu.
Day 2: Sunday 28th March Permit arrangement day for Mera Peak
Day 3: Monday 29th March Drive from Kathmandu to Bung by public jeep 12-14hrs stay over night in tea house
Day 4: Tuesday, 30th March start Trek from Bung village to Najngdingma 2500m/6hrs.
Day 5: Wednesdays 312st March Ramailo Danda 3276m/6hrs. from
Day 6: Thursdays 1st April Trek to Kothe 3650m/ 6-7hrs.
Day 7: Friday 2nd April Thangnag 4350m/3-4hrs.
Day 8: Saturday 3rd april Khare 5045m/4hrs.
Day 9: Sunday 4th APRIL Rest day for acclimatization
Day 10: Monday 5 th April High camp 5800m
Day 11: Tuesday 6th April summit of Mera Peak 6476m and descent to Khare 9-10hrs
Day 12: Wednesday 7th April Kothe 3650mm/4-5hrs
Day 13: Thursday 8th April Pancha Pokhari 4200m/4-5hrs.
Day 14: Friday 9th April Trek end Bung 1500m/3-4hrs.
Day 15: Saturday 10th April Kathmandu by public jeep 12-14hrs
Day 16: Sunday 11th April Final departure.



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