Mentok kangari & tso moriri lake

This Septembet, I am planning to hike around translucent Tso moriri lake & attempt summit of Mentok kangari peak in alpine style trekking peak, overlooking blue tso moriri lake. I am in planning phase only, & I expect blue views of Tso moriri lake beneath when I stand over white snow of Mentok kangari 6250m.



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  1. I am planning on crossing Parang La and reaching Karzok in the last week of August. It would be great to try Mentok Kangri after that. Which one of the summits are you thinking of attempting?

  2. I have similar plans of trekking this region around the same time. Can you guys share some details pls

  3. From what I’ve read, if you are well acclimatized its a 4-6 day climb (BC, C1, Acclimatize, Summit, Return, Buffer). Reaching Karzok starting from Kibber or Rumtse or Tso Kar seems to be a good way to get acclimatized.

    Two of us are interested and we should be reaching Karzok by Aug 23.