May 1 to May 22 or so: Trekking Langtang and Annapurna Circuit (Chame to Marpha)

I speak good Nepali due to my two and a half years in Nepal with the Peace Corps. I am an experienced trekker. I walk at a moderate pace and enjoy taking breaks where the scenery or the tea is especially good.

I like to hike and eat on the Nepali schedule: start hiking shortly after sunrise, stop around 10am for dhal bhat, rest an hour, then hike until 5pm or 6pm before settling into a lodge, cleaning up, and eating supper.

Below is my itinerary if anyone would like to join me for part of it. Please note that I intend to gain elevation quickly on the Annapurna Circuit portion due to the acclimatization I earned in Langtang.

April 29 – arrive in Kdu

April 30 – organize TIMS and permits for Langtang National Park and for Annapurna.


May 1 – bus to Syrabubesi for the Langtang trek and start trek (maybe get in two hours of hiking this day after the 9-hour bus ride)

May 2 to May 8 – hike to Kyanjin Gompa, spend two full days in KG exploring the area (hikes each day to over 4600 meters), return to Syrabubesi

May 9 – Bus back to Kdu
ANNAPURNA CIRCUIT (The dates here may vary by a day or two)

May 10 – Bus to Besi Sahar and if possible bus or jeep to Bhulbhule or Syange or maybe even Chame (my aim is to get as high as possible by vehicle to avoid the heat). Chame is 12 trekking hours (not counting stops) from Manang; Syange is 24 trekking hours from Manang; Bhulbule is 27 trekking hours from Manang.

May 11 to May 13 – Walk to Manang (at 3540 meters, Manang is lower than Kanjing Gompa from the Langtang Trek)

May 14 to May 16 – Up and over the Thorung La to Muktinath (I will have done two day-hikes to over 4500 meters in Langtang, so expect to still have my acclimatization)

May 17 – Explore Muktinath and area

May 18 – Muktinath to Kagbeni

May 19 – Kagbeni to Marpha

May 20 or 21 – Bus or fly to Pokhara (Jomsom is two hours from Marpha, so I would have to walk back to Jomsom for a plane or maybe even for a bus/jeep).

Hi Jason,

I also replied to your post on the thorntree forum.

If you’re still open to companions I’d like to talk about joining you for part of your itinerary.

I want to trek the Langtang valley in the next few days. The Langtang part of your itinerary looks perfect for me – an extra day at Kyanjin Gompa would be great; I want to visit Langshisha. Not sure if a guide is needed, I am negotiating with one today; we could share his fee if this suits you, though it sounds like you don’t need one.

I have only trekked Nepal once, 7 years ago: 4-day trek to Poon Hill. I like an unrushed trek, taking time to appreciate the scenery, the silence. I’ll be shooting plenty of film! Hiking on the Nepali schedule would be new but sounds good to me.




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  1. Hello Graham and Jason,
    I am also looking for a trekking partner and am set to arrive tomorrow evening from Kathmandu. I am from Vancouver, Canada and am looking to take some time to enjoy the scenery. I am not on a specific schedule but yours is what I am expecting. Are either of you still open to having a trekking partner? Please let me know if you are so we can meet up. My email is

  2. Hello, i”m interested in coming along. I can’t get to Nepal until Monday May 6. I just logged on in a hurry so no profile or pic…I’m a female in my 30’s …active and usually full of energy, from Hawaii. I will check back later today.
    Aloha Leah

  3. Hi again,
    My itinerary has changed and I will not be making it to Nepal as I thought. Have a wonderful trek.