Markha Valley Trek

I’m planning a trek in Markha Valley, Ladakh starting on the second or third week of August. I’ll be starting the trip from Delhi and ending in Delhi again. Tentative itinerary:

Day 1: Fly from Delhi to Manali
Day 2: Early morning bus to Leh (Leh is at 3500m, so breaking the trip in order to acclimatize)
Day 3: Arrival in Leh
Day 4: Leh -> Zingchen -> Yurutse (trek starts from Zingchen)
Day 5: Yurutse -> Ganda La -> Skiu
Day 6: Skiu -> Markha
Day 7: Markha –> Thochuntse
Day 8: Thochuntse -> Nimaling
Day 9: Nimaling -> Kongmaru La -> Sumdo -> Leh
Day 10: Leh -> Pangong Tso lake
Day 11: Fly back from Leh

I’ve trekked independently in Nepal before. I’m thinking of tea-house trek, but open for camping as well.

Would love to have company. Let me know if you are interested.





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  1. Hello Sweta!

    We, a group of three-me, my friend and his wife are going to be there from 13th-20th August. lets see if we can co-ordinate.

    Happy Trekking,


    • Hi Shivashish,

      Sorry for the late reply. I’d been away. I might actually start from Aug 06 with one other person, but if anything changes I’ll reach out to you. Also, do you actually plan to start the trek itself from Aug 13 or after few acclimatization days?


  2. Hey Sweta!

    We will acclimatize for few days before starting on 13th Aug. Hope you have great trek.


  3. Hi! I am in the area from end of July to beginning of September – looks like I can jump in your group if you are ok with this. Teahouse is best but I am ok with camping (plan to do other camping treks as well).

    • Hi Sergiy,

      You are definitely welcome to join us. We will reach Leh on the 5th evening/6th morning and plan to start the trek from the 9th onwards.


  4. Hi Sweta,
    Seems like this perfectly fits my plans (which are quite undefined though…). I am in Manali at the moment and looking for trekking opportunities here and then in Leh. Seems like I can easily find what to do before 9th of Aug. I am also interested in Pangong Tso you mentioned in the original post. Not sure about internet availability in Leh but I will try to deliver information how to find me there (there I am staying etc) before the trip starts.
    I can not find how to send private messages via this site so please contact my email at votez at hotbox dot ru.

  5. No flight from Delhi to Manali, you can fly to bhuntar which is 2 hours journey (taxi) to Manali, only one flight a day and that is too expensive..
    Not safe to travel in bus from Manali to leh ladakh, roads are not that good. Either hire a taxi or ride a royal Enfield from Manali to ladakh .

    • Hi Anwar,

      Thank-you for the advice. I’ve actually decided to fly to Leh directly at this point due to time constraints. I’m used to moderate to moderately high altitude here in Nepal so I’m hoping it should be fine. Will definitely load up on garlic and ginger and have medication ready for the worst case, but I think I should be fine. What do you think?