Mardi Himal Trek



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  1. Nice post….I did the almost exact same trek, Mardi Himal then ABC in Feb 2013….your description pretty much fits my experience and we have the same photo from Low Camp….I did also start at Khande…then from D to low camp next day, next day Low camp to High camp then down to Forest camp, nest day F C to Chomrong, it is hard for me to stop once I get going.

    I am wondering about your start date though it says Jan, 1970?….Roger

  2. So Roger, a person could go from Chomrong to Forest Camp and onwards. What would be your opinion of this route. More strenuous than the other way. (which is anti clockwise)?
    also I can’t seem to find this post that you are replying to….have you got an URL…I just joined this forum and cannot find it.