Mardi Himal Trek

Hello fellow trekkers,

I am looking for a partner to trek the Mardi Himal with. I am planning to leave from Pokhara somewhere on the 16th, 17th or 18th of december. I do a lot of yoga, but my endurance is just average I think, so I won’t walk too fast. I think it would be nice to do it in 7-9 days depending on how fast we walk and if there’s other places we would like to spend more time at. It is my first trekking btw. It would be nice to the trek with someone else, so if you would like that too please let me know!


Camille from the Netherlands



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  1. Hey camille, ive just finished hiking the three passes and was looking at a couple of possible hikes. Im meeting a friend for dinner and ill ask about this hike. He says the copra ridge hike is really nice as well. Ill get back to you! Cheers, john.

    • Hey John,

      Thanks for your reply. Yes, please let me know! Have fun with your friend!


  2. Hello camille, i havent yet decided what to do, but im leaning towards annapurna from above besisahar to tato pani@12 days then 7 more days on copra ridge trail. Its near mardi himal so i might also finish with that. This probably wont work for you though. Ill sleep on it and let you know. Im in pokhara now. Ok, cheers, john.

  3. Ok camille, ive decided to start annapurna up around chame then take the trail around to copra ridge trek. I think ill also finish with mardi himal and go through new years eve. Have fun on your hike!

    • Heey John!

      Thanks for your messages! Have fun on your trekking, it sounds like a lot of fun!



  4. Hi Camille, I have heard the Mardi Himal trek is spectacular. I would be keen on joining you on this adventure, I’m due to arrive in Pokhara tomorrow, but I don’t mind waiting until the 16th if that’s when you want to start the trek.

    Cheers, Joel.

    • Hi Joel,

      Thanks for your message! Since I didn’t find a trekking buddy yet and I didn’t want to go alone I decided to book a guide. I leave on the 12th from Pokhara, maybe you want to join? Maybe than we can share the costs. Have a safe trip to Pokhara!



  5. Yeah that sounds perfect, I’d be happy to share the cost with you! Are you in Pokhara at the moment?

    • Heey Joel! Yes I am! Wanna meet up today or tomorrow? I will send you my nr in a private message!

  6. Sounds good, send me your Nepali phone number and I’ll add you on whatsapp. I will be in Pokhara by this afternoon so maybe we can meet then 🙂

  7. Hi Camille!
    My name is Emily and I’m In pokhara right now. I’m also planning on doing the Mardi Himal trek (it will be my first one too)
    I was also planning on leaving tomorrow (12th) and would love to join in if you are still looking for a few more buddies 🙂

  8. Hi Camille,

    Was wondering if you still have an opening in your group.

    After making it to Pokhara, found out one can’t easily find a group to join even from there, & don’t feel going alone would be as good an experience.

    Are you still considering the 17th? Are you planning on Mardi Himal straight, or connecting Point Hill – Mardi Himal?

    Hoping to hear from you soon,