Mardi Himal Trek

I would like to do the Mardi Himal trek in the end of november. I am right now in Pokhara, so I am flexible about the departure date. I am searching for just one more person or a small group, that I can join. I am a bit experienced, and I am a outgoing person 🙂



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  1. Hi Lotte,
    I happen to be doing the Mardi Himal trek on the 26th November. At the moment I’m going by myself with a guide. Have you managed to find anyone to go with or planned a trek? If it’s not to late notice maybe you could join me.
    Let me know what you think!

  2. Hey Karina
    Actually I decided to just do it on my own. And I changed it to the Mohare Danda trek instead. But now I get a bit curious. How much do you Pat for your guide?

    • It is $900usd for everything except extra drinks, charge batteries etc and insurance. I think it includes a porter as well. How many days is your trek and how much did that one cost?

  3. Oh and included 2 nights accommodation in Pokhara and bus to Pokhara

  4. All right. It is too much for me. I prefer doping it independently then. But thank you for texting me!

  5. Well it’s only that much because its for one person. More than one, it’s $785 each. How much was your trek if I may ask?

    • I see. I will go without a guide, so I don’t know yet how much I will spend.

  6. Oh ok! Have a great time!

  7. hey lotte , did you started the trek yet?
    i thinking to come tomorrow to pokhra from kathmandu and im looking for a partner for some trek…
    i thought about Mardi himal but im open for other options..
    let me knew if you still looking for a partner …