Mardi Himal Trek

Planning to travel to Pokhara on Wednesday 6 December, starting the trail on Thursday the 7th. I am in Nepal for work, though taking some days off for a 4-5 day trek. Am a single traveller and would like to do a trek together with other people. Therefore I am looking for partners to join me for the Mardi Himal.

Let me know!



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  1. I was planning on doing the Mardi Himal or Langtang Valley starting on Dec 5 or 6. This is my first hike in Nepal so originally was going to hire a guide/porter but would be interested in joining others.

  2. Hi Suzanne, nice! The only thing is that my schedule is not flexible unfortunately, am starting on 7th. Would be great to do Mardi Himal together, if it fits your plans.

    • No problem, I am as well. I will head to Pokhara tomorrow and if I decide to wait until the 7th I will let you know. Enjoy your trip!

    • Also I was told December 7th is Election Day in Pokhara and there’s a possibility of strikes and delays in transportation. Might be worth asking about if you are on tight schedule.

  3. Hi yes I also heard. Will travel tomorrow, that should be fine. And elections on 7th are in other part of the country. So hope its ok, otherwise I have to stay longer