Mardi Himal Climb

I finish the Annapurna circuit on the 12th of May, and am hoping to fit in a climb before I fly out of Nepal on the 22nd. Mardi Himal is in the region and doesn’t take too long, so I’m after a fit mountaineering parter who’s up for an adventure!

New Zealand


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  1. Hi Grace,

    I just finished the ABC trek, and are hoping to do this trek as well somewhere next week because it’s relatively short! I would love to have some company on the way. I’m flexible with dates, only my visa is till 29th of may. From a fellow traveller i’ve heard that on the way to Mardi Himalaya Base Camp-west is a beautiful view which I’m interested in. I’m in Pokhara at the moment, so meeting up before would not be a problem!