Mansalu or Annapurna Trek

Hello… I’m in Kathmandu now and looking to do the Mansalu/Annapurna, or another similar trek around 10-16 days beginning from Kathmandu on the 4/5th (as long as I’m back in KTM by the 20/21st)… I’d like to get a guide and split the cost with 1 or more people.. This is my first time trekking in Nepal, though I’m a fit athlete & outdoors person.. Thanks!

New Zealand


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  1. Hey I am also planning on leaving on the Manaslu around the 5th ish but looking at a longer trip potentially with Tsum valley. the Manaslu is one of the best and less busy than the rest. You need a guide and minimum 2 people so let me know if still interested and we can form a group. there are another 2 people looking at the Manasl at that time so keep me posted with your plans. Thanks! I was here in 2011 and hiked the Annapurna and EBC/Gokyo Ri.

    • Hi Shannon… I’d certainly be interested in teaming up for the Mansalu. The only thing is I have to be back in Kathmandu by the 21st, so if it is possible for me to do that section with you and anyone else (approx the first 15 days), I’d certainly be interested.. thanks, Matt

  2. Hey, I am also looking for a trekking group during that time. And the Mansalu cirquit sounds quite nice. If you want to share the guide, I’m in. I’ll stay in Katmandu from the 1st to 25th of february.
    It is my first time in nepal but I have some experience in alpine trekking. I would be happy if this works out!

    • Hi Lukas, I am able to trek between Feb 4 and must be back in KTM by the 21st… If you are interested in teaming up between those dates and working out a suitable itinerary I’m keen to chat further..cheers, Matt

  3. Hey Matt,
    I’m keen on joining a group for the Mansalu trek and arrive in Kathmandu on the 1st of Feb. This is my first time in Nepal and my first time trekking so im looking to share the experience with some people and also share the costs of a guide. I’m reasonably fit and healthy so ill be able to travel at a moderate pace. Cheers, Dan.

    • Hi Daniel, I’m actually in Kathmandu now, so yeah if you’re keen to meet up when you get here, we can discuss things further. I’m hoping to begin around the 4/5th and would like to get back to KTM on the 20th so if that fits with you, then we’ll chat further.. cheers, Matt

  4. Hey guys,
    Your trip sounds awesome and i would love to join and share the guide. I hope it is not at too short notice, sorry for that. I arrived in Kathmandu today, so it would be great to meet before the trip. Being back to KTM on the 20th works perfectly fine for me. I am also quite fit and you would not need to worry about me slowing you down, I think. I have trekking experience, although not at high altitude. Please let me know if I could join, or not. Thanks