Manaslu/TsumValley trek


We (2 people) are planning to do Manaslu circuit + Tsum Valley trek around the 4th/5th of February 2015. We’re planning to do it in 20 days, although this is flexible. Also we might just only do the Manaslu circuit, this we can discuss later.
We’re planning to take a local guide (already have contact with one), and maybe a porter.

We found a guide for 22usd/day, a porterguide (10kg) for 20usd/day and a porter (20-25kg) for 16 usd/day. Still discussing to take a porter or not.

If someone would join we’d be 3 people, and then I think we could take a porterguide and a porter for the 3 of us. But if you want you can also take your own porter.

We made a calculation of the cost and are now at 20 usd/day without accomodation/food, having calculated all costs for permits, transport and a porterguide. Which seems pretty cheap compared to the organized tours!

I have experience with high-altitude hikes (Ausangate, Peru).

If you are planning to do this hike also in this time, don’t hesitate to contact me. Either on here, or by email:

Regards from the Netherlands,





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  1. Hey Joey,

    Whats up dude? I was planning to do this circuit a little later in February (around the 15th; I have a trip posted here too! 🙂 ) since the Rhododendrons come out late Feb/early March and it’d be awesome to see them bloom.

    Anyways let me know if your dates can be moved up by 3-4 days since anytime after Feb 7th-Feb 8th should work for me and I’d love to join you guys- these costs look good and I’d be down to get one porter for all of us too.

    Since some of the teahouses (especially near Dharamsala like Larkya Phedi, Bimtang) may be closed at this time of the year so I’d be bringing a tent as well. I talked to someone from who told me that there’s a good chance that the Larke pass may be snowed in until later in Feb :\ in which case alternate routes such as the ABC or EBC (with Chola pass) should be kept in mind or adding more of Tsum Valley trekking to the Manaslu circuit and having to turn back at the pass. Your thoughts?

    I’ve done quite a bit of hiking at higher altitudes (in Washington, USA) but not much at these heights, nonetheless I’m psyched for this circuit. If any of this sounds good to you, feel free to message me and we can talk more via email or something.

    Regards from India,

  2. Hi there, I’m looking to do he Mansalu around the 4th/5th… I need to be back no later than the 21st.. so if this fits in somehow with your plans I’d love to chat further..

  3. Hi Shannon from Canada…also would like to trek the Manaslu and Tsum valley…one of the best apparently. I would like to take that time 20 days ish and leave around 4/5th Feb. I was here in 2011 and hiked Annaprna circuit and EBC/gokyo ri. Let me know if we can arrange a this together. I will leave in a day to hike the Langtang and should return to KTM within 12 days for a rest before beginning the Manaslu. Looking forward to hearing from you.

    All the best

  4. Hey Joey, I am looking for a group doing the Manaslu cirquit + eventually Tsum Valley in that time as well. I am leaving on the 25th of february. A guide is obligatory on that route from what i have heard.
    It is my first time in nepal so I am very excited to get this started! =) I am an athletic guy with experience in alpine hiking and trekking. I would be glad if we could meet in Kathmandu during the 1st to 3rd of february to arrange the trek. As I see, there are some other interests as well. You guy can contact me as well. =)
    See you!