looking for a partner or two for the manaslu and tsum valley trek starting about march 22 and lasting 18-20 days. a guide and permit are required in this area and the costs are $25/day for guide, $90/wk for permit, and another $40 for conservation fees. i have a trekking agency that i have worked with before that is honest and reliable. we would be sharing guide costs.

about me: i’m an easy going 37 yr old american with lots of trekking & travel experience. last year i trekked to the gokyo valley and everest base camp, along with the annapurna circuit and sanctuary. trekking in nepal is one of my favorite experiences on earth, and i’m excited to visit the manaslu area.




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  1. I am already in Kathmandu. i am interested, a french guy living in Colorado.

    I am looking for a partner for th Manaslu circuit and found this site.
    But you might be a faster trekker than me.

  2. Hi Max and Guy
    I might be interested – it’s my last night in Kathmandu as I’m off to Chitwan tomorrow morning19th March, but only for a couple of nights – are your dates confirmed for the trek though. as I would need to get back to Kathmandu to sort out permits and equipment?

  3. Hi Verity,
    Manaslu is still a possibility and I could wait, but I am in the process of deciding to join somebody on another trek, I will know in a couple of days.

  4. I am back doing Manaslu.
    I found an agency that quoted me the day fee for a guide porter, permits and such, much cheaper than all-included quotes.

    So I could get my permits on the 20 and be ready to leave on the 21 but definitely want to wait if we could make a group of 2 of 3. Minimum is 2 but you can still go solo with a guide if paying for the extra permit.


  5. Hey, a friend and I (I’m a 23 year old Canadian girl and he’s a 26 year old Australian male) are looking to start on manaslu on the 24th of march. Would love to get some people to help share the costs. Let me know if you’d be interested in waiting a few extra days for us!


  6. It is a possibility.

  7. Sounds like a definite possibility to me!
    I’m in Chitwan at the moment – do let me know if you have a definite departure date as I’ll need to get back to Kathmandu in time to sort out permits and gear.