Manaslu/Mera Peak/EBC/Any other restricted area trek

Looking to see what my options are for the above stated trips.

I arrive on Oct 16th and I’m most likely doing the EBC trek since it’s the most straight forward and easy to do for a single traveler. But would love to do a more secluded trek if I could find a group of people who are already going on one.

I’m a solo male traveler 32/Canadian

PM or post some suggestions please!



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  1. Hey Chris, we are a couple from NZ keen on forming a posse for the Manasalu circuit and tsum valley as it seems to be a bit less busy than EBC and Annapurna, though we might add on some of the Annapurna near the end. We are currently in Kathmandu and keen to get out there within the next week but are flexible. Cheers, Jaimie

  2. could be interested! Arrive there on the 16th and meeting up with a friend for a couple days to do some sight seeing around.

    I’m not 100 percent sure which trek I want to do, it’s going to be ebc or manaslu though, I will decide once I arrive in KTM.

    Since you’re on the ground there and have already probably been asking around for information- What is the process of getting the permits and guide sorted for Manaslu? Does it take a few days or can it be done quite easily?

    Do let me know if you get a set departure date!

    Talk soon.

  3. Hi Chris, we will visit the trek information centre tomorrow as it has been closed for a few days. I think the rules changed on this trek about a year ago and that you no longer need a guide, but you do need permits – I’ll try confirm this tmoro.

    We’ve had another couple contact us who are keen on starting around the 20th and we’ve messaged a 25yr old Austrian guy who posted his own trip keen to start around the 22nd. I’ll probably start a email chain tomorrow once I get some more info. If you decide on Manaslu and are keen to join flick me an email at and I can add you to the email chain.

    Cheers, Jaimie