Manaslu with Tsum Valley trek

Hi my name is Will, I am 23 years old, from the UK, and I am looking for one or two other people to do this trek with. I have already found a guide for the trek (he was my brother’s guide on the Annapurna Circuit so I know he is good!). Looking for someone who has previously trekked at altitude and who has a good level of fitness. I would be looking to start the trek sometime between the 20th and 28th November, trekking for 3 weeks. Please message me if interested!



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  1. Hi Will, I’m looking at doing the same trek, leaving around the 23rd Nov. Would this work for you? I have previous experience trekking in Nepal, having completed the Annapurna Circuit in 2016. How much would your guide cost? Cheers, Sam

  2. Hello Fellow Englishmen!

    Have you Guys planned this trip yet, I would be keen to join, got a few Nepal treks under my belt over the years, and currently a bit unfit, but hitting the gym cross trainer to resolve that.



  3. helps with splitting your costs as well.



  4. Hi James, sorry for the delay in replying, I haven’t had internet access in a while. If you’re still looking at joining I’m sure that won’t be an issue – the more the merrier! I’ll send Will an email, as he’s the one in contact with the guide. Would you be in Kathmandu and ready to go by the 23rd Nov? Sam

    • Hi James, jumping in on Will’s conversation here. A friend and I are heading to Tsum 24th, we’re taking a helicopter to Phillim to avoid a day’s brutal traveling to Soti Khola (done that once, never again!) and also because we’re short of time and want to explore upper Tsum. Anyhow, if you or anyone you come across is interested in a seat on the chopper, let me know. The actual cost is US$500 per seat but we’re open to offers at this point!

  5. Hi Sam,

    No probs, sounds good. I don’t have a flight booked yet, do you have an idea of day to day itinerary and likely date I would get back to Kathmandu, so I can check flight timings and cost. Also be good to get an idea of shared price for the guide, Am happy to carry my own pack. Cheers,


  6. Hi Will, just thought I’d check in with you as a friend and I will be taking a helicopter into lower Tsum (Phillim) on 24th November (we only have 13 days and want to spend the time exploring upper Tsum rather than sweating the dust up the Budhi Gandhaki). If you or anyone you’re speaking to is interested in sharing, we have one or two seats available (make an offer, the real cost is US$500 per seat…) Also, I trekked this area a couple years ago, strongly recommend going in via Barpak (accessed from Gorkha) – much eaiser road in and avoids a day walking through road works (loose rocks…). See you on the trail. Helen

  7. Just posting on Will’s behalf to say that he is no longer able to make this trek (and has lost his login details).

    Also, thanks for the offer Helen, but I don’t think I could justify the $500 spend to save a few days of trekking. I hope you manage to fill the seats.