Manaslu (with the option of Tsum Valley)

Hi all,

My names Scott, I’m 25 and am from England. I’m currently trying to find a group to tackle the Manaslu Circuit trek (with or without the addition of Tsum Valley depending on everybody’s preference).

I arrive into Kathmandu on 7th October and am looking to get going a few days later around the 12th but am entirely flexible. I was planning to meet up and make the arrangements for a Guide/Permits shortly after arriving so if you are looking for a group or already have one and can squeeze another person in let me know.

I have trekked in other parts of the world but this will be my first time scrambling over the Himalayas and can’t wait to do so. I’m fit and healthy and am coming with buckets of enthusiasm, bad jokes and a laid back attitude. Looking for anyone of a similar disposition!

Look forward to hearing from you.



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  1. Brother! How are you? I’m also looking for a partner (or 2) that would like to embark upon the Manaslu region! Sounds like you would be a good partner considering your characteristics described happen to be similar to mine…besides the bad jokes 🙂

    I see that you arrive to Kathmandu tomorrow. I’m currently in Pokhara and am happy to go as soon as things are settled with permits and what not. I have gathered the pricing information, and am interested if there is a difference in what you can find out of Kathmandu.

    It’s possible to do the trek (without Tsum Valley) in 14 days, while spending 12 of those days in the Manaslu area (more expensive area/guide required). I would be interested in extending the trek without a guide, but we can talk about that later.

    Looking forward to hearing back from you!


  2. Hi Scott,

    I would like to join you. I just arrived in kathmandu today (oct 6) and I can be ready to go for the 8th or ninth. I’ve done several nepal treks and would like to share costs with you. I definitely want to do the TSUM valley.

    Let me know!


    • Hi guys

      I think the 3 of us should do it! After getting your message Chris I have approached an agency (the one recommended by the manaslucircuittrek website), who I got a really good impression from.

      He has quoted the guide at $22 per day. (Split between the 3 of us).
      For the 15 days in manaslu all the permits and necessary costs will add up to $160 (including the bus from and returning to kathmandu).

      So that’s that. The addition of the Tsum Valley will be the same price for the guide ($22 pre day). Plus the $35 permit.

      All our own accommodation/food we’d arrange ourselves on the way.

      If you’re both happy to maybe the best thing to do would be toto meet in kathmandu in the next couple of days to have a beer, discuss what extra trek we’d like to do on top of the Manaslu circuit and arrange our permits. This could mean we can hit the road by 11th?

      What do you guys think?

      Oh and on a different note I was looking fora bit of advice. I was a tad naive with my choice of footwear so need to buy ones here in kathmandu. Is this a bigmistake? I have no other alternative. Any tips? I was advised to go waterproof because of the snow at the pass.



  3. Hi Scott,

    Can we meet tonight at 7pm at the entrance to the kathmandu guest house and then go for a beer? i am excited to trek with you guys!

    Treks in Nepal can get very serious at the high elevations. You need good footwear. One time it snowed on me three feet overnight.

    Let’s chat more. I would like to go on the 9th which means getting permits tomorrow. I’m fine with the guide and thanks for looking into it!


    • Hi Chris I have only just returned to my Guesthouse and have seen this. Are you still able to meet? Get back to me asap. And Dustin when would you be able to arrive to kathmandu?

    • Hey fellas, I will hop on a bus this morning. So I will arrive this evening at some point. I figure I will head towards thamel? Are either of you staying in a dorm or keen to share a room?

      Let me know and see you soon!

    • Looks like we’ll all be in the same place come this evening. We could all meet at the entrance at Kathmandu Guesthouse at 7:30 tonight (if dustins bus gets in on time) and get things sorted?

      Look forward to meeting the pair of you.

  4. Hey Scott, my name is Renier. I have just arrived to Pokarah a few days back and I would love to join you guys. I had a bunch off people drop out and decided to do the Annapurna route. Have you booked yet? My number is 9801172778