Manaslu Tsum Valley Trek

Hello Guys, I have a client from Brazil, She is fit, very friendly and willing to trek untouched Manaslu Tsum valley more or less 20 days from 5th of April. The itinerary and starting date is flexible. As you know Manaslu Region need at least 2 people in a group to obtain trekking permits and trek, would you mind to join and have a fun together around the beautiful Himalaya? Just to keep it simple, it would be great to have maximum 4 people in a group. Also it would be nice to have your company to share trekking cost and collect unforgettable life time experience ever. She is willing to share a porter as well during the trek. A porter will let you extra confidence to hike and enjoy with amazing nature. But if you prefer without porter which is also no problem. Everything is quite flexible and negotiable.
The itinerary will be more or less looks like right below. However everything is open and the final itinerary we will make on the way the way we prefer.

Day 01: Welcome you at the Airport & transfer to the Hotel.

Day 02: Free day for trekking preparation

Day 03: Drive from Kathmandu to Soti Khola (700 m, 7-8 hrs).

Day 04: Soti Khola to Machhekhola (869 m, 6 hrs).

Day 05: Machhakhola to Jagat (1340 m, 7 hrs)

Day 06: Jagat to Lokpa (2240 m, 6-7 hrs)

Day 07: Lokpa to Chumling (2386 m, 5 hrs)

Day 08: Chumling to Chhokangparo (3031 m, 4-5 hrs)

Day 09: Chhokangparo to Mu Gumpa (3700 m, 6 hrs)

Day 10: Mu Gumpa to Chhokangparo (5 hrs)

Day 11: Chhokangparo to Gumpa Lungdang (3400 m, 7 hrs)

Day 12: Hike to Ganesh Himal Base Camp 4900m then back to Gumpa Lungdang (8-9 hrs)

Day 13: Gumpa Lungdang to Lokpa ( 8 hrs)

Day 14: Lokpa to Bihi Phedi (1990 m, 6hrs)

Day 15: Bihi Phedi to Namrung (2630 m, 7 hrs)

Day 16: Namrung to Sama (3520 m, 7 hrs)

Day 17: Acclimatization day, Hike to Manaslu Base Camp or Pungen Gumpa.

Day 18: Sama to Samdo (3860 m, 3 hrs)

Day 19: Another acclimatize day. Explore the Tibet Border Rui La (4998 m, 8hrs)

Day 20: Samdo to Dharmasala (4460 m, 5 hrs)

Day 21: Dharmasala to Larke La 5160 m then descend to Bhimthang (3590 m, 8 hrs)

Day 22: Bhimthang to Dharapani (1960 m, 8 hrs)

Day 23: Drive back to Kathmandu/Pokhara (9/10 hrs)

If you have further queries please feel free let me know. Thanks, Looking forward to hearing from you guys soon. Cheers Raj (Rajesh Neupane)



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  1. Hello,

    I´ve been planning this trekking with the professional and kind assistance of Rajesh and Rabin (Nepal Trekking Experts) from the past 3 months. They have been very, very well indicated by a friend of mine Francesco from Australia. He went to a similar circuit in March 2017 with a small group, friends of him.

    My personal friend gave up at the last minute for professional reasons, however, I strongly wish to keep my plans. I´ve been traveling for mountaineering and cultural reasons in the past 25 years and most of the continents. I love learning from people and nature.

    – I´ve done 1st Everest Base camp in April 2014
    – Leonera Mountain (Chile) in February 2015
    – Kilimanjaro (Tanzania) in July 2015
    – Roraima Mountain (Venezuela) in March 2017.
    – Most of the time I go for short trekkings in Brazil or 5 to 10 days crossings; a mixing circuit that includes crossing rivers and mountains, closer to the sea coast.

    I do not consider myself a very strong person, but usually, I accomplish what I plan to do.

    I love trekking as much as sightseeing, cultural interaction, and a little of photography (I´m not professional, what I mean). Therefore my ideal partner should NOT be a competitive type of person. Instead, a determined, friendly and generous person to help others along the way would be preferable and of course, a fun person that likes to get smiles from people and accept things as it comes.

    I´ll begin my circuit at Manaslu after nearly 2 months of volunteering work at All Hands, north of Katmandu. I´m a bit flexible with the initial dates that can begin from 5th to 9th of April. It all depends as well the availability of Nepal Trekking Experts travel agency in Katmandu.

    I would love to share that experience with you.

    See you there, Tânia

    • Hi Tania,

      I am 19 and love adventure, particularly hiking. I am friendly, easygoing and tend to get along well with just about anyone. I am also looking for someone to share this adventure with. I am currently backpacking New Zealand on a gap year and will start studying Computer Science at MIT in September. I will get in touch with Rajesh.


    • Hey guys,
      I am a local traveller and have been ding this since the past few years and I also wanted to visit the Manaslu region. If you guys are going without a travel agency then I’d also like to join you, if it is possible for me to join. I am easygoing and like the company of good and understanding people. I dont claim to be the fastest climber but I’ve some experience. I am also a high school teacher so I have a short window of holiday.
      So if you guys are game then let me know!

    • Hi Tania

      Just touching base to let you know that I am all booked for coming next week – I will arrive on the 4th in the late afternoon from Ireland. I have organised everything with Rajesh. I look forward to meeting you and hearing about the volunteering experience. I will see you soon. Fergal

  2. Hi,

    I am a young solo female traveler from the USA that is looking for people to hike this trek with during a similar time frame. Let me know if you are still looking for people to join.


    • Hi Shannon, as long as you want to have fun and enjoy the cultural experiences as well as the trekking you are more than welcome. Happy for you to join us.

    • Wow, New Zealand is on my list of places to be in life… WE´ll have a lot to talk… See you there…

  3. Dear Shannon, Greeting! Thank you so much for your time and showing interest for group joining. You are most welcome in a group to explore magical Manaslu region with Manaslu Specialized team. I have just emailed you for further detail. Thanks, Cheers

  4. Hi Tania / Rajesh,
    I’m an Australian female, I’ll be in Nepal March / April. I’ve already arranged a trek ABC + Mardi Himal, finishing up around April 4th. If I can take enough time off work I’d love to join you if dates work out ( and you still need /want trekking partners)
    I’m fit, but not the fastest trekker… I like to take time to enjoy the scenery, take photos, eat a snack. I’ve previously trekked in Nepal (EBC), Ladakh, Africa and South / Central America. I enjoy meeting people from other places. I promise I’m not a typical beer swilling Aussie 🙂

    • Dear Jennifer,
      Good Day! Thank you so much for showing interest to trek with us an unique destination Tsum Valley Manaslu region. Of course we do have space for you and love to welcome you in a team. I have already emailed you for further detail. Please have a review and feel free back to me. Thanks, Cheers

    • Hello Jennifer, Thanks for your reply. Yes, I´m happy with your description of your personal interest and profile. It seems you are a perfect match to share this Journey with. I´ll be in Katmandu from 24th of February beginning with a volunteering work, only then I´ll begin the trekking organized by Nepal Travels experts (Rajesh). Feel yourself welcome. Tânia

    • Hi Jennifer,

      I’ve just sent a message to see if there is still space on the trek for me to join – but I’d also like to connect with you (in case the trip is full) to hear of any recommendations you have for trekking in Ladakh. I’ll be heading there in late June – so any advice you have would be greatly appreciated!



  5. Hi Rajesh and Tania. I am planning, at quite short notice, to travel to Nepal in April. I don’t have a date fixed yet, so I am flexible. I have previously done the Annapurna circuit and really enjoyed it. I am relatively fit and I am a good walker. I have wanted to return to do Manislu since my last trip. My interests are to see the landscapes. Enjoy the walking, meet people. Have adventures. Solo travelling female. Do you have space on this trip ?

    • Dear Fergal,
      Good day! Thank you so much for your time and willing to join with us. Of course we do have space for you so far. I have just emailed you for further detail. thanks

    • Welcome Fergal. It seems we have matching interests.

  6. That is great. I need to confirm permission for my leave in work first ( next week) and then will know for sure. Right now I’m 60% sure I will join.

    • Hi Fergal, it is nice you managed to join us See you then. I’ll be back to Katmandu on the 2nd of April. We can meet for a pizza before our trekking . Bye

  7. Hey guys,
    I am a local traveller and have been ding this since the past few years and I also wanted to visit the Manaslu region. If you guys are going without a travel agency then I’d also like to join you, if it is possible for me to join. I am easygoing and like the company of good and understanding people. I dont claim to be the fastest climber but I’ve some experience. I am also a high school teacher so I have a short window of holiday.
    So if you guys are game then let me know!

    • Sorry Ayush I’m with a travel agency for this trip. You can talk to Rajesh our guide have fun

  8. Hi Tania and Rajesh,

    I know I’m coming late to your plans for trekking Manaslu, but I’m wondering if there is still room to join your group?

    I’be been planning on trekking Manaslu for the past 6 months but my travel partner has recently decided not to join me, which means I’m looking for other friendly people to trek with.

    A bit about me: I’m a 32 year old Canadian working as an environmental researcher, and who loves spending time outdoors – hiking, rock climbing, skiing, snowboarding and diving. I’m pretty fit, but haven’t done a high altitude hike before – so I am happy to go at a slow to moderate pace to ensure safe acclimatisation (and to enjoy the beauty of Nepal as we walk by). I also enjoy photography and am really keen to meet Nepali people along the way and learn about their culture. (In fact one of my main questions for Rajesh is how your company ensures that revenue from our trek supports local communities?!)

    I am currently in Pokhara and was hoping to begin trekking on the 1st of April. But if you’re unable to start until the 5th then I will happily go down to Chitwan and come back ready to trek Manaslu when the timing works for you.

    Tania, if you’re interested in trekking together please get in touch so we can make arrrangements! Rajesh, it would also be great if we could talk about the itinerary and connections, since I would likely be arriving from Pokhara/Gorkha. Please send me a direct message and maybe we can talk by phone this week.

    Look forward to hearing back from you both!


    • Welcome Dave

      Sorry for taking long to answer you, I’m still in Haibung for my last days of volunteering.

      I’ll be back to Katmandu on 2th of April for final arragments and rest before our departure to Manaslu which I’m looking for it

      Rajesh will write to you for better information. I’m sure will be fun and you will enjoy it despite you never had an experience on altitude. Being fit helps a lot, sure you ‘ll be fine

      See you there… Tânia