Manaslu & Tsum Valley Trek November 2013


I would like to trek the Manaslu circuit and Tsum Valley starting around November 22. I plan to arrive in Kathmandu on November 17/18. I would like to do a 20/21 day trek. I am looking for anyone who is also interested in this trek around the same time as well as anyone who can offer any tips and advice regarding the trek. I am especially thankful for information regarding crossing Larkya Pass at this time as well as good guides or trekking companies that can supply guides. I plan on not use a porter.

My dates are slightly flexible but due to work committments I cannot arrive in Kathmandu earlier than November 17.

I am also keen if anyone has their own ideas for this trek and side treks and would like a trekking buddy to drop me a line.

I am aware that Manaslu can be completed by tea house trek, so no need for camping or porters. A minimum of 2 people are required and I would I like to arrange a guide etc, or at least have as much info regarding guides/trekking companies passes etc as possible prior to departing for Nepal.

Please feel free to get in touch. From all I have heard and read I am sure this will be an amazing experience.





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  1. Hi Peter, I just read you post. I’ll be in Nepal from Oct 31 till Dec 14-17 and am planning to do the same trekking. This is my first visit to Nepal but nog my first trekking. Please drop me a line if you are interested in hiking together. I’ll be heading to Indonesia first on Oct 2nd, and will be using the internet less while being abroad.

    Cheers Moira

  2. Hi Moira,

    Thanks for the message. I am keen to trek Manaslu and Tsum Valley. I have arranged to trek with another trekker named Krish starting November 5/6. We are keen to get a small group organised. Following your profile to your original post I have seen that Krish replied to you just recently. As he said we had a third person but he has unfortunately had to pull out.

    If you are interested in joining us, please let me know. It will be an amazing trip. It is also my first time in Nepal, although I have travelled the world quite a fair bit. Following Nepal I am off to southern Africa for about 3 months.

    We have found a guide and been been chatting about the trip. He is very switched on and more than willing to accommodate our trekking plans. My email is
    peternaoum at hotmail dot com

    Look forward to hearing from you soon.


  3. Hi Pete,

    I am from Syd, i will be in Nepal at the end of Oct doing The EBC.

    After the EBC, i will take a break for a couple of days and i will perhaps look for a trek to take which i have not yet decided as to where.

    I originally was planning to do the Manaslu trek in Apr but since i will be taking a few months off work and i will also be staying in KTM for awhile, it would be great if i could do the Manaslu trek during this trip.

    Will you be arriving in Nepal on the 17th Nov? Which day were you thinking of doing the Manaslu trek?

    It is always nice to meet adventurous people like yourself so please do write me on

    Kind regards,

  4. Hi Peter,
    Do you think it should take 20/21 to complete this trek or are you just taking your time on it?

  5. Hi Peter

    I am reaching KTM on 19 Nov, and would like to do the Manaslu trek. Do you have room for me in your group? I have trekked many times over the last 10 years (did the EBC last year) and am quite easy going.

    My email is alankar dot joshi at gmail dot com

    Look forward to hearing from you


  6. Hey guys – I’m also very interested in joining this trek, if there’s still room. I’m a 27-year old American male who’s living in China the past four years, fairly experienced backcountry trekker with a good attitude. Please be in touch if there’s still room to join! drakeballew at hotmail