Manaslu/Tsum Valley Trek

Hello friends!

I’m looking for a partner(s) who would be interested in trekking the Manaslu/Tsum Valley circuit with me. Since this trek is in a restricted area it requires at least minimum two trekkers for issuing the special permit.

If anyone is at all interested in doing this hike, approximate start date February. 10th (date slightly flexible) PLEASE REACH OUT TO ME! I have been in contact with a trekking company for a guide already but I’m also open to other ppl’s preferences.

If anyone has any further questions please contact me 🙂



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  1. Hey Jeannie!

    This is Ananth here. I’ve trekked extensively in the Nepal and Indian Himalaya (check my profile out for my trekking history in the region), but have never gotten around to doing the Manaslu Circuit and it remains high on bucket list of treks to do; I’m very interested in the Tsum Valley bolt-on as well. I can’t imagine being in the area and not visiting the culturally rich and picturesque Tsum Valley (which is just a few extra days of walking).

    The dates you have posted actually work great for me, though I would prefer a later start by a few days – we can work on specifics later, I guess.

    In terms of a guide, I’m not particular about much aside from the cost. From my experience in Nepal, you get essentially the same quality of guide unless you have a prior recommendation or pay a hefty premium. If you have someone in mind and are particular about her/him, I’m good with that. If not, I’m open to discussion.

    A few quick questions – Is this your first time trekking at altitude? And your first time in the Himalaya? Do you spend much time outdoors and trekking in particular back home? Just trying to get a gauge of your experience level so that we’re not out of sync here. 🙂

  2. Hey guys,

    sounds great to me. I am shortyl looking for a trekking group for Manaslu or either Three Passes. Your planned departure date suites me quite well! Do you already have a scheduled day of departure?
    I am a 23 year-old german student, gained my (high altidude) trekking experience in south america and would love to explore Nepal in February.
    Just contact me if you’re interested in accepting another mountain lover 🙂

  3. Hello Trekkers
    Write me on my what’s app for more detail Manaslu and Tshum valley trek +9779841074806 or log on my web

  4. Hey 🙂 I am planning to do this trek as well but as I work in Nepal I can’t leave before the 22nd. How flexible are you? and are you still looking for trekking partners? 🙂
    I have contacted a guide as well. Let me know 🙂