Manaslu & Tsum Valley – Start Late Feb to March 2014

Update:  We have four confirmed which is probably an ideal number for us.

Hi, I am 31 y.o Australian male and I’m interested in hiking Manaslu circuit and Tsum valley in Feb/March next year. I am flexible but would really like to also include Tsum valley, and I wouldn’t be adverse to including a peak (Maybe Larke Peak) if that was something that someone was doing. Doing this as a tea house hike. At the moment teaming up with Dave and wouldn’t mind finding other people either to make a group and get a guide. If you are interesting in hiking this trail around this time, it would be great to hear from you. Daniel



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  1. Hey I just posted a very similar trip and am looking for someone around the same time….

    I would be interested in sharing guide expenses, however I’m going a little earlier, hoping to start Manaslu circuit around the 26th Feb….

    Here is what I posted:

    I plan on doing the Manaslu Circuit from the 25th/26th Feb – 22nd/23rd March (2014).

    At present you need 2 x people plus a guide (checkpoints in Jagat and Bhimtang).

    Looking for people that will share cost of a guide/do these parts of the walk with me. It would also be good to do the Larkya La crossing with a few people as it’s a dodgy solo.


  2. Hi Dave, Ill send you a private message, might be a bit early for me.

  3. Hi there

    I am interested in joining your group ! Am also thinking doing this trek in feb /march . But I am an inexperienced trekker ( so far I have only done one high altitude trekking ). If u don’t mind having a slow trekker in the group , then I would love to join !

  4. Hi Sherryw, Just send you a message.

  5. Hi Daniel
    (I sent this message to Dave as well)
    I’ll arrive in KTM on Feb 25th. I will stay in Nepal until May 7th.

    I am planning to hike Khumbu, Langtang and Manaslu.
    Normally I hike without guides/porters, but for Manaslu it seems to be a prerequisite…

    Therefore I would very much appreciate to team up with you and other people!!!
    Let me know if we can work something out!



  6. Hi Peter, We have booked a guide to start on the 25th from Kathmandu (ie. taking bus on the 25th, and beginning hiking on the 26th), That would probably be a bit tight with a 25th arrival? as you need to organise the permits ect.

  7. You’re right, too tight! Happy hiking anyway. Peter

  8. Hi Daniel, dave and all
    Great to hear from you for your nice post for Manaslu Tsum treks, I’m Dixon from USA. I’m also planning to go this treks. I’m experienced hikers, climbers. I have done 7th treks in Nepal already including Mt; Mera climbing. My first visit was for Nepal in 2004. i’m using same guide and same travel agency. I very satisfy with their services. If you guys like to join with me you are welcome. I haven’t contact yet with trekking agency in Kathmandu for this my trip.
    I really appreciate group trekking more than 2 people will be nice.
    I’m looking forward to hearing from you,

  9. Hi Dixon, we have already organised a guide for the trip.
    We will depart kathmandu on the 25th Feb.

  10. Hi Daniel
    I’m planning on doing the Manaslu Circuit and Tsum valley late Feb/March and have just started looking for trekking companions. Are you interested in having another person join your group? I haven’t done a lot of trekking. I can be flexible with dates.

  11. Hi Kim,

    Ill send you a message to discuss.

  12. Hi Daniel – I’m arriving in KTM midday 27th for a month, wanting to do Manaslu with guide only, but looks like I’ll just miss you. Do you have any recommendations for guides/trekking companies – will it only take me a day or two to organise that stuff in Kathmandu?

    thanks, dave

  13. Hi Dave,

    Yes you will just miss us. I would think only 2 days to organise stuff would be enough. That is what i am budgeting. I dont have any recommendations Re company’s, I have just gone with “Above Himalaya Trekking” they seem ok.

    Good luck with your trip, you may catch us up if you dont do Tsum valley.

  14. Hello, I’m very interested in joining your group for this trek. I am in Kathmandu now (February5) and have a 30 day visa, but can extend it if I can’t find an earlier start, will join if you have room for an older lady with lots of trekking experience. I’m a medium paced walker but also stop to smell the flowers along the way.

  15. Hi Robbin, We already have 4 people which i think is probably a good number for our 1 guide and 2 porters.
    I should update our trip to closed… sorry about that.


  16. Moderator

    Good luck you guys! Glad you found a group.