Manaslu & Tsum Valley – November Trek


I am planning to trek the Manaslu circuit and Tsum Valley starting end of October/start of November. The trek should take about 25 days. I am looking for anyone who is also interested in this trek around the same time as well as anyone who can offer any tips and advice regarding the trek. I am especially thankful for information regarding crossing Larkya Pass at this time as well as good guides or trekking companies that can supply guides. I plan on not using a porter.

My dates are slightly flexible but due to work committments I cannot arrive in Kathmandu earlier than October 27

I am also keen if anyone has their own ideas for this trek and side treks to drop me a line.

I am aware that Manaslu can be completed by tea house trek, so no need for camping. A minimum of 2 people are required and I would I like to arrange a guide etc, or at least have as much info regarding guides/trekking companies passes etc as possible prior to departing for Nepal.

Please feel free to get in touch. From all I have heard and read I am sure this will be an amazing experience.





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  1. Hi there,
    I’m Ananda Gole from Kathmandu and organizing/providing experience guides to the clients. Yeah. there need two persons for this region and one of my friend also asking this trip. Please fix me the dates.. cheers, Ananda

  2. Hi Ananda,
    Thanks for the message, however I have already organised some fellow trekkers and a guide for this trip.
    Regards pete

  3. Hi Peter are your dates set?

  4. Hi Pete my friend Andrea and I are looking for a group to go with. let me know if you need more people