Manaslu + Tsum Valley – from Oct. 28th -22 days

Hey, I’m doing a Manaslu Trek + Tsum Valley from Oct. 28th for 22 days. I’m going with a local nepalese agency with a guide and sherpa. However I’m still alone and would be great if I can find another people to join my trek so I can share my costs. I’m 30y old, pretty uncomplicated – speak English, German, Slovak. I’m quite often in mountains so I think that my fitness level is OK. Happy to find some cü-trekkers



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  1. Hi,
    I am arriving in Katmandu Oct 28 and returning Nov 22. I thought I’d check this site to see what it’s all about. I was originally thinking of a solo trek in the everest area but am open to other another trek. Just checking to see if this may be suitable for me or you…and if so what the cost is, etc.

  2. Hi Zuzana and Carl. I am arriving in Kathmandu on Ict 26th and planning to trek Manaslu followed by Annapurna Circuit with a guide. Happy to discuss joining up to share guide cost for the Manaslu section