Manaslu + Tsum Valley APRIL


I’m wanting to do Manaslu + Tsum Valley trek in starting 16th of April 2014. 

I have now joined with Tobias who also has an add on here. We are now looking for a porter and guide who is not too exspensive but still good quality. If anyone is interested please contact me or Tobias. 





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  1. Hi sheri, i was going through this and wanted to know if it is essential for you to organise this afterall ?
    I am reading literature on this trail and wanted more information on local accommodation available (without guides)the said cost for the trek is TOO expensive for me. I am from india so some permits will be cheaper for me and i also speak little nepali and hindi. i am coming into nepal in april 2nd week and i would want to do this trek along with everest region. I have a friend who told me about how one can find other travellers to obtain permissions and then go their own way after. And some agencies also help in getting permits for a independent trekker and add his name with the group.

    I don’t mind trekking with people, but a guided trip into this region is too expensive for the pocket.

  2. Hey Sheri, i am very interested to join in. I will come to Kathmandu the 14th around midday and would like to make the Manaslu & Tsum valley until the beginning of march. Please contact me, that would be very nice ! I sent you another message via Lonely Planet already so this is double .. All the best & looking forward to hear from you ! Tobias

  3. Pardon .. Not March, – the beginning of May !

  4. Hi Sheri: I’m looking to start this circuit around April 7th. I was planning to go solo…but would really love to link up with someone to be compliant on permits. I would be running / fast hiking….so we might not actually be trekking together, but could help each other out with permits. I have a friend living in Kat that is helping me get the permits. Let me know if there is any interest. I also posted my trip on the site! Cheers, Jenn

  5. Hi all
    How flexible are you with dates? I’m interested in joining a small group for the Manaslu circuit but my flight home is booked for 6th May and so I’d need to be back in Kathmandu by 5th May at the latest… I guess I could skip the tsum valley maybe…

  6. PS are you planning to camp or to stay in tea houses?

  7. Hi all all
    I would be interested to join you: I will do Annapurna Curcuit by bike starting April 2nd and finishing in Pokhara April 16th. I would like to run/fast trek with Jennifer. I will have my mountain running gear with me. I will leave from Kathmandu May 1st.

  8. Hi, I am Luis Fernando from Brazil, I am in Katmandu right now and I am planning to do the Manaslu circuit departing around 13th. Anyone still here and willing to go?

  9. Hello!

    I am a french guy with a Nepalese friend, both 32 yo. We are in Katmandu right now and we are looking for a person or 2 do get the permit and possibly trekking together the Manaslu circuit. We would like to start around April, between the 13th and 17th, during 14-16 days. Just give us a call ! My nepalese phone : +977 9803380508 or send me an email . My Nepalese friend Suyoz phone : +977 9841777025

    Cheers !!