Manaslu /Tsum Valley

I’m signed up with Nepal Trekking Experts, who are local to Manaslu, and highly recommended. The trek is 20 days, and I’m looking to start on either November 12, 13 or 14. Looking for 1-3 companions. $1295 is cost with porter. My fIrst time in the Himalaya, but I’ve been to the Andes and done a lot of mountain backpacking in the US.



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  1. Hi Lucy,

    I am a Dutch woman, 36, fit and loving Mountain walks.

    Does this trek include Tsum Valley?

    And will costs reduce as we share porters etc?


    • Hi Christien,
      Yes, this includes Tsum Valley. Here is the link: Ignore days 24 and 25 on the itinerary. It’s 20 days from when you leave Kathmandu to when you come back.
      It’s $1495 for one person, $1295 each for two. I arrive in Kathmandu on Nov 10th, and I want to leave for the trek ideally on the 12th or 13th. What dates are you looking for? Let me know, it would be great if we can join up and share,

  2. Hi Lucy,

    I finally booked my ticked: I’ll arrive Nov 14th in Kathmandu but I expect to need the 15th for preparations…would departing the 16th suit you?
    For me, Day 12 would be slightly redundant. And there is no crossing of the Larke La pass at 5500 m?