Manaslu Tsum Valley

Hi – planning to trek Manaslu Tsum valley. I am doing EBC and due back in Kathmandu on Oct 30th so would want to start shortly after. Am interested to spend a little extra time in theTsum Valley as I hear it’s amongst the best trekking in the country. Am on a modest budget – got a couple of quotes a couple of years back which I’ll update but please let me know if potentially interested.
Am soon to be 53 – experienced Nepal trekker – British



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  1. Hi Mark, I thought I should drop you a line as I am planning to trek the Manaslu circuit but starting a little bit later than you – I am due back in Kathmandu on 9th November (I am doing a trek in Tibet before that, which I’m super excited about). I am ashamed of my ignorance of the Tsum Valley, as my Lonely Planet doesn’t cover it, and so my trek plan so far did not include it, but I think that could be a mistake. I was instead planning on Manaslu then joining up with Nar-Phu and then continuing along the Annapurna Circuit. I have one chap who is interested in my trek but he may be willing to make some changes to his itinerary. I guess my question is whether you may be able to wait till around 10/11 November to start your trek? I completely understand if not feasible since that’s a whole week of waiting.

  2. Hi

  3. Hi Annie – unfortunately flying out on the 30th so could only put back until the 4th or 5th. Have had a number of people raving about Tsum so definately worth looking into!

  4. Hi Mark,

    I am interested in doing Manaslu + the Tsum Valley. I’ve not had much experience trekking and have never been to Nepal (however I did Kilimanjaro earlier this year and loved it).

    Was hoping to go in early November for around three weeks. Earlier in November is better for me too (due to work obligations).

    Would prefer to have a porter as well as a guide. I have done a bit of research online (haven’t contacted anyone as yet, though, as I need a trekking partner for this area!) and some local companies seem to be quite reasonably priced (~ $1400-$1600 USD for this time period, including a night before/after in Kathmandu and a city tour). I’m sure these types of “packages” are customisable/negotiable, though having visited Nepal previously I’m sure you know more about this than me. This is the kind of budget I am looking at.

    Let me know what you think!

  5. Hi Claire
    Thanks for getting in touch – just got your message. That all sounds good – I’m free from around 30th Oct when I get back from EBC trek with some friends and fly back to UK on Nov 30th. Everyone tells me this is about the best trek in Nepal especially the Tsum valley bit so I don’t want to rush it. I’ll dig out a couple of quotes I got earlier and maybe we can compare notes. Yes – think it’s easy to tailor to individual needs. Am at Am south coast based near Eastbourne but regularly up in London.

    • Hi Mark, we are a couple looking to do Manaslu leaving around the 30th October. I was just wondering where you were with your plans?

  6. Hello Everybody!!

    My Spanish friend Julien is willing to join any group possible leaving on November 1st week. He’s flexible about dates since he hasn’t booked his flight yet. Please let me know if anybody willing to join or let him in a group.

  7. Hi, I’m Nicolas 64 yo trekker
    I have allready done the Manaslu Trek (2 y ago) but not the Tsum one
    And I want to go there : way and back only.
    Could we arrange something ?

    • Hi Nicolas – am not quite sure what you mean – you want to do the full Manaslu trek again including Tsum this time or just the part that goes to the Tsum valley and back so not going over the Larkya Pass. I want to do the first of these – ideally leaving 2,3,4 Nov. Regards Mark

  8. Hey Mark,
    I sent you an email on this too – is this trip still going ahead and do you have space left
    for one person? I hope EBC was good.