Manaslu / Tsum valley

26, male from Australia.

Planning on leaving late September but can be pretty flexible with dates.

Have a guide I have been in contact with, nothing has been booked as yet though. Also have a porter in mind.

Ideally looking for one other person to join!

Feel free to ask any questions 🙂



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  1. Hey Man,
    I’m just starting to get psyched on this trek…looking for a partner.

    I’d be psyched to touch base and talk about doing it together!

  2. Hey Gabe!

    Sorry for the late reply, I didn’t get any notification you sent a message!

    I’ve sent you a PM 🙂

  3. Hi Everyone
    I am a government certified licence holder trekking and tour guide in here Nepal also i am an individual guide so my price will be reasonable for all the nature and culture lover with adventure lover … so if you are looking for your suitable one i am here just click on here or in Facebook as Raby Dong

  4. Let me know if you’re still looking for a partner. I had initially canceled my plans for Nepal this fall, but am rethinking that decision.

  5. I am reconsidering an independent trek to Manaslu late September/October. am interested in joining another person/group.

  6. Thinking about going sometime in that same time period. What is your route? Are you expecting to be gone the entire 23 days?

  7. Hi Aki,

    I’m hoping to do this trek too. Are you still looking for partners?


    • Hi Elizabeth – are you still interested? I’m planning to go Sep 26

  8. Hi,

    I am planning to hike the Manaslu Circuit from Oct. 30st for 14 days. Anyone intersted in joining and sharing the guide?

    • Hi Esther – are you still interested? I’m planning to go Sep 26

  9. Hello everyone

    Though I belong from Nepal I have been working abroad I was planing to this trip as my friend told me this trek route have been damage by earth quack so I am planing to different trek in narphu valley trek which sound interesting friend please get details before you conform your trip

    • Yes from all the reports I’ve read it appears manaslu is not suitable for trekking and probably won’t be this year. It may be possible to do it as a camping trip but I’m not entirely sure