Manaslu + Tsum Valley

Hey everyone,

I’m coming in from the US to spend a bit of time in Nepal. I’m planning on doing some yoga/meditation at the beginning and end of my trip but want to spend a good chunk of time doing this trek. I’m not on a particular time constraint so I’d like to take my time and make sure to take in the culture and surrounding areas as we trek. I get into KTM around April 18th and would be down to leave soon after, around April 20. Let me know if anyone is up for joining.

I think the trekking schedule could be similar to this with maybe a couple extra rest days thrown in if needed…

Day 1: Aarughat – Sotikhola: ~ 5.5 hrs trekking;
Day 2: Sotikhola – Machhakhola ~ 5 hours leisurely trekking;
Day 3: Machhakhola – Thulo Dhungga ~ 4 hours trekking;
Day 4: Thulo Dhungga – Philim ~ 6 hours trekking (checkpoint & 1st night in Tsum valley);
Day 5: Philim – Chumling (Tsum valley) ~ 8 hrs trekking (800 m. net gain; gross gain ~ 1200m);
Day 6: Chumling – Chhokang Paro (3031m ) (Tsum valley) ~ 6 hrs trekking (700 m net gain; gross gain ~ 1000 – 1200m);
Day 7: Chhokang Paro – Mu Gompa (3700 m) (Tsum Valley) ~ 6-7 hrs trekking ( 700m net gain; gross gain ~ 1000 m);
Day 8: Mu Gompa – Lar (3245) (Tsum valley ~ 3 to 4 hrs trekking. (stayed in Mu Gompa until early afternoon;
Day 9: Lar – Chumling (2386 m) (Tsum valley ~ 9 hrs trekking, lunch & site-seeing;
Day 10: Chumling – Pewa (~ 2000 m) (left Tsum valley & start Manaslu trek ~ 5 to 6 hrs trekking;
Day 11: Pewa – Ghap (2500m) – 5 to 6 hrs;
Day 12: Ghap – Lho (3180 m) – 5 to 6 hrs (700 m net gain; gross ~ 1000m);
Day 13: Lho – Sama (Ryo)(3520m) – 3 to 4 hrs. (300m net gain);
Day 14: Sama (Ryo) – Samdo (3850m) – 3 hr. trek (stop to acclimatise);
Day 15: Rest day in Samdo – climb towards Lajyung Pass (5120m) on Tibet border;
Day 16: Samdo – Dharamsala (4460m) – 3 hours trek (stop to acclimate) scout Larkya La;
Day 17: Dharamsala – Larkya La (5160m) – Bimthang ( 3720m) – 7 to 9 hours. (net gain: 700 m.: net loss 1500m);
Day 18: Bimthang – Dharapani (1860m – on Annapurna Circuit) – 7 to 8 hrs;
Day 19: Dharapani – Chamje (1430m) – 4 to 5 hrs;
Day 20: Chamje – Bhulbhule (840m) – 3 to 4 hrs;
Day 21: Bhulbhule – Besisahar – 3 to 4 hrs;



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  1. Dear Katie, I’m aiming to do roughly the same route starting April 18. I’m however a bit constrained by my flight schedules (I wish I had more time..), hence I got to get to Dharapani on May 2. Interested?

    • Hi Frank,

      In looking at the high level schedule, It might be tough to make it to Dharapani in 15 days given your schedule. I fly in on April 18th so I wouldn’t be able to leave until the 19th at the earliest. Keep me posted on your plans though! Maybe we can work something out!

    • Hi Katie, if you wish to spend a few days in the Tsum valley than it would really be very sporty to get to Dharapani in my due time (it really sucks to be on a tight schedule but I couldn’t get away a single day longer). Good luck!!

  2. Hi Katie,
    I am staying in Nepal for few months and Manaslu circuit is one of the treks I would love to do roughly in the same dates as you. If you are still looking for members, we could meet in Kathmandu when you arrive.

    Take care,

    • Hi Michal,

      Yes I am still looking for members! I finally booked my flights and am arriving on April 18th in Kathmandu. I’d love to meet up there. Perhaps we could finalize plans and then head out shortly after?

    • Hi Michal and Katie, and all other potential buddies, I’m also looking to do this trek although my timetable might be shorter than yours. I fly into KTM on the 18th and I’d love to meet up and plan something or meet up regardless.

  3. Hey Kattie and others I too am planning on Manaslu circuit in April. I’m very flexible with dates. Bumber you need a guide, so it would be good to share costs. I’m trekking by myself, yoging, mediating every day in Nepal At present. Time is running out though re monsoon season so it would be good to have a fix starting date, good guide booked in soon.

  4. Hey everyone, I’m traveling to Nepal in the next few weeks to begin a long period of meditation practice throughout several countries in Asia. I’m hoping to start it all off with a nice trek. This one sounds ideal, and I would love to join in the adventure and share the costs. 🙂

    I haven’t booked any flights, yet, and so I am as flexible as a person could possibly be. Let me know if it would be cool if I tagged along!

    Best wishes,

  5. Hey Ryan, I’m on a rather narrow schedule too (unfortunately). I’m sending you a message..

  6. Even though I have been to other mountains plenty of times, this is going to be my first time in Tsum and Manaslu circuit. So, alas, that doesn’t qualify me as a guide