Manaslu +Tsum Valley

my name is jakob, I’m 22 years old and live in austria. I decided do go to nepal, because I’m very fascinated by this land. I arrive on the 14.4 in kathmandu and i will stay until the 16.5. I already read some stuff about the treks in nepal and i would like to make the manaslu/Tsum valley trek, it takes around 21 days. For this trek you need a guide because otherwise you don’t get the permits. I would make the trek as an teahouse/homestay trek, so i don’t take a tent with me and i carry my stuff by myself.
I grow up in the mountains and i like the nature, so im very interested in the landscape but I also want to get to know the cultur of nepal. So if somebody want to join me it would be great, just contact me.
Thanks jakob.



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