Manaslu / Tsum Valley 22 Days

Plan to leave Kathmandu April 19 2017 for a 22 day circuit. I have already organised guide / permits through a company in Kathmandu. Need at least one more to share permit but happy to trek in a group of up to 4. I am physically fit and have experience trekking in the US, Australia and Indonesia. I will be bringing a ukelele so entertainment is included in the package. If its possible to shave a day or two off the total length of the trip by walking some longer days, I am open to this as well.



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  1. hey buddy,
    my plans are pretty similar to what you’ve suggested here. I really wanted to add the Tsum Valley to the manaslu circuit after reading about Mu gompa and gumba lungdang. Entertainment would be appreciated – im not much of a singer but it won’t stop me . I planned to arrive in Kathmandu on the 20th April flying from NZ, but the dates were arbitrary really and it could be fun, so I’d be happy to fly in say 17th to leave on the 19th.
    I’ve done a load of hiking around NZ and the UK (home) – 21 days was my estimate.
    Cheers, Ollie