Manaslu & Tsum Valley – 2 trekkers searching 2-3 others

Myself and another TrekkingPartners member (Alankar Joshi) are looking for 2-3 others to join a 2-3 week guided (guides are required in this region and cost ~$25/day) trek through Manaslu and Tsum Valley. We’re hoping to find a few others so please comment below if you’re interested in tagging on.



United States


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  1. Hi Drake

    I am interested in joining your Trekking, however i will have to leave Nepal On December 11 already. I am in Kathmandu.

    Should You wish to discuss further, please contact me.



    René Forster
    Nationality: Swiss

  2. Hi René, we’d definitely be interested in having you join. I need to leave Kathmandu on the 12th, so your departure date is not a problem. Since you’re in Nepal already, can you start asking around about guides for this trip? I have a few recommendations that I will look into as well.

    Everyone who is interested in this trip should be aware that there are extra permit fees as well, totaling about $75, I believe. Porters can be added individually.

  3. Hi Drake

    I have started looking around.
    The additional permit for the special area is 70 USD for 7 days per Person and 15 USD for each day more. The permits seem to be needed to be applied by a travel agency who charges a service fee of 20%. However i will find out. In addition other permits may be needed depending on the route.

    When will you arrive in Kathmandu?
    What are your plans about the route? I think we will have to have an idea for how many days wie will apply for the restricted area.
    Do you have an email adress over which we could communicate?
    When will you and your friend arrive in Kathmandu?

    Please note that there was strike yesterday and more may come up due to the elections that will take place on November, 19. During strikes there is no transportation and official offices and a lot of shops are closed.

    I would be glad to hear more about your plans and thoughts about the Trekking. (All included trip with meals, teahouses, well organised or flexible just hiring guide and see on site where to stay. Are you hiking fast or do you want to take time? Etc.)

    I let you know as soon as I know more but in order to seek for “right” Guide/ travel agency I would need some more input.


    Nationality: Swiss

  4. hi there,

    We are a couple, early 30s. just decided to do this trek and would love to join you to share costs. I have been asking around, the cheapest I have got for a guide is $22, and obviously permits are what they are. (not sure of the quality of the guide! it would probably be the best option to source a local man if possible)if you could fill me in wether you are needing company or not? and where your plans are up to, we are aiming closer to the 2 week option than 3, I am sure we could aim to leave the main party to accommodate this though.

    I think the PA permit is only $10 for each extra day.

    look forward to your response
    Nat and Anna

  5. Hi Drake

    In addition to the information above, please note that according to various sources, no permits will be issued from 17. – 20. November or even later. I found a travel agency that seems reasonable to me. They strongly recommended to me to apply for the permit this week. At The latest Friday morning, otherwise the start of the tripp will be delayed and the return date of Dec. 11 will become difficult. I would like to also go to the Tsum valley trekk. The permit costs are as follows:

    Tsum Valley: USD 35
    Manaslu restricted area: 70 USD for 7 days + 10 USD per every day extra (recommended: 10 days).
    Parkentry Fee: 20 USD (2’000 Ruppies).

    there might be a way to apply also for your permits if we could communicate very soon through email.

    A scan copy of your passport and a scannend foto (passformat) would be needed as well as the Money for the permits.

    The guide cost is USD 21 per day and Porter if needed USD 14/day.
    No public bus may be running around election. Therefore, a private car may be needed to hire that might be quite costly depending on the situation.

    Please note that will have to go ahead with my planning and will apply for my permit.

    I would be glad to hear very soon from you.



  6. Hi everyone! I’ve just sent out a group email to everyone who has expressed interest. Please check it asap.

  7. hiya , i can joint with you from 27th Nov for 18 days.
    Let me know if you have vacancy yet.



  8. Am also interested. Former climbing guide and now yoga teacher, am residing in Kathmandu so dates are not a big deal. Sounds like fun! Still have room?