Manaslu – solo trail runner /hiker

Hi!   I’m flying in late on April 5th and expect to hit the trail on the 7th. I’m doing the Manaslu circuit w/ an extension in the the Tsum Valley. I plan to trail run most of the trail, however stops for enjoyment are important too. I was planning to go solo and utilize a ‘ghost trekker’ permit, but if there is someone out there that is wanting to do this route in the same time frame, we might as well link up to save costs, follow the rules, cross the pass together in safety, and get through the official check points. My guess is I will still want to move through most of the circuit solo, but I know there are other ‘solo hikers’ out there wanting to do this trek and needing an official partner. I’m open to ideas or link-ups to make this happen!!

Cheers, Jenn



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  1. Hi Jenn
    This could work for me – I’m definitely *not* a trail runner but the circuit sounds like a really good one.
    I’m in Chitwan at the moment and over the next few days I’m trying to sort out the the rest of my itinerary.
    Do give me a shout if this might be of interest