Manaslu Circuit/Tsum Valley

Have a confirmed trip for April 21st now, 19 days on Manaslu Circuit and Tsum Valley passing 5200m. Return should be May 9th, maybe 10th.
Price is $1120 by now for 2, reduces probably a bit when somebody else joins ($50-100 I guess). The price includes everything except for porter (carry your own stuff god damn it). Extras will be posh stuff like Snickers, sometimes hot shower or whatever.

You can still decide to join until Saturday or Sunday morning as permits cannot be done on Saturdays.

Hi everyone,

I’d like to do the Manslu Circuit in 14 days starting around April 19th. I’ll be arriving in KTM 17th. I am fairly flexible with the dates. My flight out of Nepal is May 11th. I haven’t planned anytghing yet, but as travelling on my own I really need some good company 🙂
I’ve mostly done hiking in New Zealand for 4-5 days per trek. This one will be very different as per length and I also havent been so high before!
The last couple of months I was travelling in Southeast Asia, but have my hiking gear on me.

Please contact me should you be interested to share that adventure with me!

Happy hiking




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  1. Hej Toby
    how nice i was checking trekkingpatners today because i want to do exactly the same trek – however was thinking about adding tsunvalley as it seems to be amazing but i’m open about that…
    Didn’t book anything yet. As you say a guide is needed – don’t want a porter either – and getting the permits for the trek is going to take some days. As my visa is going to expire in the beginning of may and as i just want to leave cities as soon as possible i would love to arrange everything as fast as possible and go!
    did you here anything of emilie or others who might be interested??
    let me know about your plans

  2. Have sent u a pm 🙂