Manaslu Circuit Tsum Valley

Hi there…
I am a solo American male here in Kathmandu attempting to organize a trek around Manaslu with a side trip up and back Tsum valley. I am looking for a companion(s) to share guide costs without a pre arranged package. I have done the necessary research and have a good agency prepared to arrange permits. I will need to depart by 30th October as my 30 day visa limits my time. Write me a reply if at all interested.



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  1. I am off with a party of two tomorrow Oct 29
    Just posting this to bring completion to this thread.
    All the best on the trail!

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    Have a great trip, Ralph. Would love to hear how it goes, how the agency was, and see any photos/stories from the trek. I want to start sharing people’s trip on their original trip postings so others could see how it went and get advice from it. Maybe you can be the first…

    Safe trekking,

  3. Thanks Alex,

    I will do.
    This resource could be improved if people could update their status after initially posting, as well check to see if others have replied. A couple of my inquire and replies went unanswered.
    So far I am very impressed with the attitude and thoroughness of the agency. We have secured a Tibetan speaking guide which will be helpful in Tsum valley….will give a report on the return.

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    Thanks, Ralph, and look forward to hearing about it.

    Clearly stating people’s status is a good idea, I’ll keep it in mind. It would be helpful.

    As for checking if others replied, you should receive email alerts when people reply. Was this not the case?


  5. email alerts were always there when people replied…