Manaslu Circuit + Tsum Valley trek in December!

Hi people,

We are two ladies, 28-29 years old, currently living in Netherlands. We both have 5 weeks time in Nepal and are planning to do Manaslu and Tsum valley trek. The itinerary is likely to be the standard one you can find on internet. But we are also flexible to stay exa nights on stops along the way if we like it.

We’ll arrive in Kathmandu, on 28 and 29th November separately. With one day buffer to arrange permits and logistics, we want to be on the road by 1st December. We are in contact with an independent licensed guide that can also arrange the paperwork for us. We are happy to use him after meeting him in person Kathmandu. We don’t planto use porter, but if circumstances arise, we will consider to pick up one in the village along the way.

We’ve travelled a bit and prefer to travel on a budget whenever possible while still having adventure. We speak English…are horrible in Spanish and French. So let’s stick to English. 🙂 we always welcome company during our travels. So same for this trip,we would like to do the same. Fun people are welcomed!

So let us know if you’re interested to join. You will be sharing the guide expenses and special permit cost that we need as a group while taking care your own individual expenss and permits. Bear in mind that its mandatory to have a licensed guide for this trek in order to apply for permits.

If you need more information, you can write to me at navygreen01 AT yahoo DOT com
Or leave a messge here. Ciao!



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  1. Am keen to join! Canadian residing here in Nepal, elemental yoga teacher. When do you want to leave town?