Manaslu Circuit & Tsum Valley Trek

My name is Yanai, I am 35 years old. I will land at Kathmandu on September 16th and I plan to trek Manaslu circuit and Tsum valley for 17-20 days (flexible), starting September 17th/18th. I need to be back at Kathmandu by October 9th.

I am looking for a companion of 1-4 trekking partners in a good/decent shape. I myself in a good shape, experienced couple of long-distance treks in Europe, but never experienced hiking in altitude above 3000m. I am interested in hiring a guide only.

My planned itinerary (flexible) for this trek (altitudes and distances are roughly measured via Google Earth):
Day 0: Take transport from Kathmandu to Arughat Bazar
Day 1: Arughat Bazar (540m) –> Labubesi (800m), 18Km
Day 2: Labubesi (800m) –> Jagat (1320m), 21.5Km
Day 3: Jagat (1320m) –> Ripche (2400m), 20Km
Day 4: Ripche (2400m) –> Chhule (3320m), 17Km
Day 5: Chhule (3320m) –> Mu Gompa (3650), 5.5Km
Day 6: Mu Gompa (3650) –> Chekkumparo (3050m), 14Km
Day 7: [Optional] Hiking to Gumba Lungdang
Day 8: [Optional] Hiking to Ganesh Himel base-camp
Day 9: Chekkumparo (3050m)–> Lopka (2000m), 15Km
Day 10: Lopka (2000m) –> Namrung (2600m), 21.5Km
Day 11: Namrung (2600m) –> Samagaon (3500m), 14Km
Day 12: Samagaon (3500m) –> Samdo (3850m), 8Km
Day 13: Samdo (3850m) –> Dharmasala (4500m), 5Km
Day 14: Dharmasala (4500m) –> Bimtang (3700m), 14.5Km
Day 15: Bimtang (3700m) –> Dharapani (1900m), 19Km
Day 16: Dharapani (1900m) –> Bahundanda (1250m), 24Km
Day 17: Bahundanda (1250m) –> Besisahar (800m), 16Km
Day 18: Take transport from Besisahar back to Kathmandu

If you have similar plans and wish to join me (or have an available spot in your group), you are more than welcome to contact/reply me.



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  1. Hello Yanai,

    I am a 45yo male from Australia. I am fit and do day hiking in Australia but have not trekked at altitude. I want to do Manaslu/Tsum also, I will be getting to Kathmandu on 18th, would not be ready to start to 20/21st although would prefer to start a bit later due to monsoon but am flexible.


    • Hi Glenn,

      Since I need to be back at Kathmandu by October 9th, I would like to leave Kathmandu to Arughat Bazar no later than September 19/20th. I would be happy if you can join me.


  2. Hi Yanai,

    Are you booked in now for Manaslu? Have guide, permits etc.?

    I am interested in Manaslu and would join but my first priority is Dolpa.

    I have spent the last few days trying organise an Inner Dolpa trek but have had difficulties. I decide tomorrow if it is possible.

    Are you currently travelling solo or have others joining for your trek?

    I am an Australian and have spent the last 5 months in the Himalaya. Nepal and Northern India mostly trekking.

    If you are available we could chat in Kathmandu tomorrow when you arrive. The agent I’ve talked to could arrange us guide and permits if you haven’t yet received them. Your thoughts.

    • Hi Riley,

      I haven’t booked yet a guide or done any arrangements for the Manaslu trek (including permits, jeep/bus to Arughat Bazar). I DO have all the hiking gear I need (maybe missing small items).

      Currently, I am travelling solo and eagerly looking for partners, so I would be happy if we can hike together.
      If I won’t find any partners for the Manaslu trek, I would probably do the 3 passes trek or Langtang.

      We can definitely meet in Kathmandu tomorrow and chat. I will land at Kathmandu at 7:00 AM on September 16th.

      BTW, according to accuweather website, I think weather looks ok for Manaslu and Tsum valley trek for next week, but someone, who is currently travelling in Nepal, advised me to postpone Manaslu trek by a 7-10 days due to mudslides. Does the agent, which you talked with, thinks it is ok to hike Manaslu?


  3. Hi Yanai,
    Sorry about the delayed response. My heart had been fairly set on Dolpo while it seemed possible.

    Now it doesn’t (I will trek Dolpo another year) I would thoroughly like to trek Manaslu.

    Are you still keen to start as soon as possible? I have an agent in Kathmandu with a copy of my passport who can organise our permits together.

    What do you think?

    Cheers Riley