Manaslu Circuit & Tsum Valley November 3 weeks

Hey fellow trekkers,
I’m a passionate Mountaineer from Germany and I wanted to avoid many people so I’d love to do this instead of Annapurna. As I am alone I am looking for someone to join me on an enjoyable, fun and easygoing tour. I am in Kathmandu already and I have to be back 23 of Nov, so I’ like to leave around 1st latest. Havent planned more yet,could do that together!
Email me or phome +9779818159864
Looking forward to an unforgettable tour, Katharina



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  1. Hi,
    Would u be interested in Mera Peak or Island Peak? That would be closet to mountaineering would it not?

  2. Hey Katharina, do you have a guide? And have you linker to Anthony yet? Maybe we van make a group!

  3. Hello Katharina, would lyou be interested in climbing a 6000 too? There´s the Larkya peak closeby the highes pass on the Manaslu trek. I’d love to give it a try!

    I am Joan, male, from Barcelona, with experience in 6000 in Peru, first time in Nepal.