Manaslu Circuit, Tsum Valley and Annapurna Circuit starting 7.12

We will be trekking the Manaslu Circuit and Tsum Valley with a guide, then continuing independently on the Annapurna Circuit from where the trails meet. We will leave Kathmandu on the 7th december, trek the Manaslu area for around 18-20 days, then continue the Annapurna trail for around 6-8 days to Jomsom. Planning a total of 26 days trekking.
We are looking for a third/fourth person to share the cost of a guide on the Manaslu/Tsum portion. Where the AC and MC meet it would be possible for you to end the trek or then continue on the AC with us.
We are two friends (M+F) from Finland. Both of us are experienced trekkers. We are looking for relaxed company to join us, but a maximum group size of four. Let us know if you are interested in joining.



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  1. hiya,
    so pity you`re bit late in KTM than me . This trek base basicly has been planned by my months ago ,but my partners gave up. By the way i had great time with Finnan guys 2 yrs ago 😉

    take care and have a good trip

  2. Hi! Would definitely be interested in joining. I’m 25, F, from the Netherlands. Did Everest Base Camp and Langtang region last year and have been getting psyched about doing this combination now. You can e-mail me at to get further in touch.

  3. Hi, I am still in Nepal dreaming about Manaslu/Tsum – so I am happy to find your search.
    I am well experienced in die Alpen in all seasons and have trekked Nepal once in 89 (Everest Bc + Langtang) – so you will think: this guy must be quite old. Really: 45 !

    If you are Interessed in teambuilding – get active!
    I Wrote with iPhone Ecues me for the form(this machine will always be smarter than myself and im Top lazy to Vorrecht)
    Best wished, Martin