Manaslu Circuit, Tsum Valley AND Annapurna Circuit, Tilicho Tal, Kopra Danda, Himal Mardi …plus several sidetrips

The group is full.
I already found a trekking partner.

I am planning a combination of Manaslu Circuit, Tsum Valley AND Annapurna Circuit, Tilicho Tal, Kopra Danda, Himal Mardi…. PLUS several sidetrips

For the first part of my trip >> Manaslu Circuit and Tsum Valley <<, it is compulsory to have a guide and minimum group size of 2.
My guide is not organized yet, I will do it in Kathmandu!

I am looking for someone you likes to join in, (and maybe share the cost of the guide)

Where Manaslu Circuit meets Annapurna Circuit in Dharapani, I will continue trekking WITHOUT guide the Annapurna Circuit, Tilicho Lake, Kopra Danda, Himal Mardi and some more sidetrips.

I have done Annapurna Circuit 3 times … always without guide (once in lovely monsoon season)

My arrival in Kathmandu March 5th.

Start of trekking March 7th oder 8th

Start of second part of trek (Annapurna Circuit) approx. March 28th

End of my trek: April 14th

If you are interested to join me on Manaslu/Tsum or/and Annapurna Circuit, feel free to contact me.

greetings, Harald


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  1. Hi!

    We seem to have similar plans! I will arrive to Kathmandu on 2nd of March and plan to start trekking around the same time as you. I would like to do Manaslu circuit (I’m not familiar with Tsum valley but definitely interested in it) and then continue with Annapurna Circuit and Annapurna Sanctuary.

    I’ve been to Nepal once before. That was in 2015 when I spend there 4 months that included treks to Everest Base camp, Gokyo Valley and Langtang valley. I walk at decent pace. I’m not fast and I’m planning to carry my bag, but I’m not the slowest either.

    I would naturally be willing to share the costs of that come with the guide. I’m not looking for luxury in my sleeping places, but I guess there isn’t much of that available in Manaslu anyways.

    If you would like to chat bit more or talk via Skype or something, I’d be happy to.

  2. Hello! I will arrive in KTM I’m march 7th but I also REALLY want to do Manaslu. If y’all want to split the cost of a guide 3 ways and can wait a day for my arrival we can do it together! Please let me know!

    • Hi Sophia,
      Great to hear from you. Do u hav a messenger so we could talk?

  3. Yes! What’s app me at 1-646-709-4229

    • What is the prefix to yoyr country? I cannot send you a message.

    • +1-646-709-4229