Manaslu circuit + Tsum Valley

I am going to Nepal from 28th Sep to 28th Oct 2022.
I’m not sure which of the following hikes to do:
– Everest Three Passes
– Manaslu Circuit + Tsum Valley
– Annapurna Circuit
Everest and Annapurna I think I could do them alone, but it is always good to be accompanied. For Manaslu we will need a guide for sure. I will put 3 posts in case someone is encouraged to one of the treks!
I am quite independent but I also like to have a good time with people. I’m a biologist, I love the mountains, nature, photography and also gastronomy (and beer 😉 ).
If you want to join any of the treks write me!



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  1. Namaste Josu
    How are you? Is your trip to Nepal still on? I will be arriving to Nepal on 30 September.
    I am looking for a travel companion or at least somebody to share special permit with for either Manaslu circuit with maybe an addition to Nar Phur.
    I will be travelling with a Nepali guide which I already went with in 2018. Starting KTM earliest 01 October.
    If this would work for you, it would be Perfect. Are you interested then lets exchange ideal further.
    I am swiss, walking in a leisurley place and very interested in nature and people. Most likely we will take a tent.
    Looking forward to your reply.
    Hasta pronto.