Manaslu Circuit Trek/Tsum Valley or Rolwaling Himal -April 2015

Hi all,

I am reaching nepal on the 11th of april from india and will be doing kanchenjunga circuit on the 13th of april for 15 days

Will be reaching kathmandu on the 3rd of may after kanchenjunga, make permits and head off to the starting point of the trek either arughat(manaslu) or dolakha (rolwaling) (Depending on which trek i get partners for)

I will try and not use any porters for this trek, will rely solely on the tea houses since i heard these treks can be done as a tea house trek, not as lavish as the everest.langtang or the annapurna circuit but they exist, having said that if anyone wants to hire a porter he/she is welcome to do so and i can share the cost of the mandatory guide , so more the people the cheaper it gets.

I enjoy photography, music and meditative moments in the mountains…trekked vastly in the indian himalayas before also did Everest 3 passes trek and annapurna circuit with poonhill and ghorepani in april/may last year, need some people to join in.. i don’t mind who you are……i am flexible with any kind of personality, its the uniqueness which makes us what we are.

Let me know if anyone is interested, i will send you some literature via pm and further plans.




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  1. Dear Karan,

    I will be arriving (by plane) in Nepal on 18 April early morning and aim to leave for a trek as soon as possible – but so far I have not found a trekking partner. My idea was to trek the Manaslu circuit (for which a guide is mandatory) but I would also join another two-week trek.

    So in case you can’t find anybody who leaves earlier and you feel like you could leave for a trek a few days later, please let me know.

    Best regards from Germany

    My post:

    • Frank ,
      when are you flying out of Nepal ?

      I was planning on doing the 8 day Phoksundo Lake trek between 15th and the 24th of April, and was planning on Tsum Valley trek for 19 days from 27th to 15th.. Let me know if our timings match. I’m flexible.

  2. I’m flying home on Monday, May 4, wee hours (so I got to make it to Kathmandu on Sunday, May 3)

    • Dear frank and nikhil,

      Unfortunately i am tight the dates, i am looking at maximum 14 days from manaslu and tsum valley which means 28th april i should ideally be back to pokhara and then rest for 3-4 days while i make permissions for an another 14day onslaught of kanchedzonga north and south base camp. I have to be back in india by 21st of may.

      In case you find people on similar time frames please refer them to this thread or my profile.


  3. Thanks for the update – in case you delay your departure until 19 April, please let me know

  4. Dear Karan,

    I am sathya from bangalore. I plan to do the manaslu/tsum valley trek – if possible independently else with guide (as it is mandatory). I have trekked both in india and nepal. My travel dates are flexible – not before 3rd April though. you can check my past treks here :-
    and view my profile here :

    Am willing to share the cost of the mandatory guide. However, the 14 day schedule for manaslu + tsum valley looks a bit rushed.


    • Hello sathya,

      I am aware of your blog…been reading it for quite a while.. yes 15 days look rushed i can stretch it to 18 at max, i am planning on doing kanchenjunga north and south base camp after this (15 days there) and i have to be back in india (bagdogra) by 21st may so a little tight on time and also on money. (Speaking of kanchenjunga circuit i left a question/comment on your blog)

      I am in talking terms with 1 couple from catalunya and they are willing to do this trek in 3 weeks and i have also proposed them to pay for the guide for 2 weeks in-order to do this with my time frame.. if you want to share the cost of the guide for 2 week and share the rest with them we can arrange an understanding. I am also in talking terms with 2 more people .. one lady from bangalore who wants to do the trek in 15 days and one man from mumbai(3 weeks window for him) who will confirm his status by next week… you know him i think.. girish parab.. aka giri baba.

      So me and the lady(if she joins) are willing to pay the guide for 2 weeks and willing to split the group after jagat and carry on our own.


  5. Karan,

    Thanks for the response. Doing north and south kanchenjunga in 2 weeks is really tough. Let me know if you have any questions regarding it. (cant access my blog – where i am ).

    If possible for manaslu/tsum could I suggest that you put all concerned parties on e-mail. It might be easy for me to co-ordinate with trekkers from blore (& girish).


    best regards

    • Hello sathya, girish backed out today(he is busy with some things) and also the catalan couple.. too many people for them in-spite of me willing to split up. So we are 3 now. sending personal message with email.

    • Dear Karan, I’m still looking for a match. When are you planning to leave Kathmandu? My email: frank.trepte /at/ gmail com

    • hello frank, i am looking at 13th April departure (If we get all the paperwork in order by 12th.)

    • Unfortunately too early for me 🙁

      Have a nice time!!

  6. hi, I’m hoping to do a somewhat last-minute Manaslu circuit trek with a couple of day trips to Manaslu basecamp and Tibet border from Samdo- I was hoping to leave next week but may not find trekking partner in time! If I end up not being able to go next week (also I’m informed that Larkya La pass is closed currently due to bad weather), I may wish to go the same dates as you and your partners!

    • Hello sitara, Let me know how it unfolds, are you going to tsum valley as well ? Because 2 of us are planning on going there too. I will do one side trips of those 2 you mentioned i think, will decide on the trail.

      Check PM

  7. Hello guys… I am pushing this trek to may 5th now, doing kanchenjunga 1st.

    • Hey Karan, Id love to join! I can start anytime after the 26th. I sent you a message but feel free to reach me at renegdn at

  8. Hello guys… I am pushing this trek to may 5th now, doing kanchenjunga 1st, HIT ME whoever is interested.