Manaslu Circuit Trek

My wife and I (both 30yr old Australians) are doing the Manaslu Circuit early-mid October.

We are planning on doing the Manaslu trek without the Tsum side valley. However, when we are trekking, we may decide to head up the valley for a little side trip if we feel like it. But probably not, as we don’t have heaps of time.

We have found an English speaking guide through ‘Visit Himalaya Treks’. The guide costs 30USD per day that includes all his food, accom etc. This cost is shared between all people on the trek. So more people = cheaper guide cost.

We pay extras for the guide and our public transport to the start and finish of the trek. I think we are paying the company to do this…we could probably save a few bucks by organising it ourselves, but I just couldn’t be bothered!

Additionally you need to get restricted area permits x 2 per person. This will cost around $150 USD per person. The trekking company is organising this also.

There is a $50 USD per person service charge also. (I guess this is the profit for the company for organising the guide and permits – fair enough). We organised all this from Australia, so we are probably not getting the 100% best deal, but the company seems good, so I’m happy.

We would consider another trekker or 2 or 3 joining us for the trip if you are keen. We are thinking the trip will be about 2 weeks of walking. We are kinds fit and don’t walk slowly, but not fast either. Although I guess everyone can walk at their own speed so long as we all get to the check points together with the guide?

We arrive in Kathmandu on 2nd October. Hoping to leave about the 6th .



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  1. Hey guys,

    I’d be really interested in joining you both as I do not have anyone to go with and that is sort of a problem… I’m super flexible and would be willing to go longer than the 2 weeks your proposed, but also not opposed to doing just 2 weeks either as I will have more money left over to go visit other places in Nepal (maybe Lumbini).

    I’m 22 turing 23 during the trek and am pretty fit so I won’t hold anyone back.

    I arrived in KTM on Sept 8th so if you message me maybe there are some things I can do before you get here to help out in some way.

    I hope to hear from you soon.



  2. are you still going? i am KTM now and i would like to leave tomorrow for this track