Manaslu Circuit Trek Tsum Valley

Don’t seem to be having much success with replying to posts here so I will try posting my own. I am planning Manaslu and Tsum Valley and have secured the guide that I travelled Annapurna circuit with last year. His employer has stated that they will match whatever other services are quoting. Of course I have no idea what that is. If anyone can help with estimates of their cost or are interested in travelling with me, I would like to hear from you.



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    Hi Alan,

    Sorry to hear you weren’t hearing back from replies you’ve made on other trips. Did you try private messaging the people as well?


    • Hi Alex,
      I have sent a couple messages to you on the message site, just waiting on your response. Thanks alan

  2. Hi Alan,
    I’m arriving into Kathmandu the evening of 10 November, so assuming a day for paperwork, would only be able to head out of Kathmandu to Arughat on 12 November – would that work for you ? I have to be back in Kathmandu for a flight out on 1 December, so I may not be able to stay with you for Tsum Valley, but should be fine for the main Manaslu Circuit and I am comfortable on my own for the last couple of days as I have previously done the Annapurna Circuit. In terms of costs, I have been quoted USD18 per day plus bus fare for a registered guide – thats a cost for the group, not per person. Let me know if any of that might work with you ?